Illustrations of Diurnal Lepidoptera: Lycnid

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Page 58 - Anterior wing with a spot at the end of the cell, and a transverse band beyond the middle brown : a submarginal band of pale brown : a black spot bordered with white at the anal angle.
Page 148 - Anterior wing with a spot at the end of the cell and a broad band beyond the middle bordered on both sides with white.
Page 18 - Hindwiny cream, crossed at middle by a narrow band, dark brown at first, rufous below, a broad brown band (which nearly meets the last described) near abdominal margin, outer margin near base of tail orange-yellow, bordered above and divided in middle by dark brown dotted with blue; a submarginal pale brown band from middle to near apex.
Page 122 - One of my specimens is without the black part of the discal spot, and has the other half paler and more distinct.
Page 28 - Posterior wing cerulean blue : the costal margin and apex broadly brown : one or two spots at the base of the tail and one at the anal lobe black.
Page 150 - There is a small black spot in the middle and a large black spot at the end of the cell of the primaries, and the three black spots, which appear upon the upperside above the cell near the costa.
Page 43 - Dark brown. Both wings crossed at the middle by a broad band of white (oblique on the anterior wing, transverse on the posterior), followed by a band of indistinct grey spots, and by three sub-marginal linear bands of white ; the inner band (which is most distinct on the anterior wing) broken into spots. Anterior wing with two white spots within the cell...
Page 138 - Upper-side (male) : orange. Anterior wing with the costal margin from the middle, the apex (which is acute) and the outer margin, dark brown, with its inner border sinuated at the middle. Posterior wing long, the apex dark brown ; the outer margin darker than the rest of the wing. Under-side : white. Both wings crossed beyond the middle by a rufous band, with the outer margin broadly pale grey-brown, marked by a series of minute black spots bordered with white. Exp.
Page 23 - Both wings with a large spot at the end of the cell : a transverse band beyond the middle...
Page 88 - Anterior wing with the costal margin and apical half dark brown : a black spot at the end of the cell. Posterior wing with the outer margin and three spots near the base of the one tail dark brown.

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