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User Review  - yerrp - Borders

this is my favorite book out of the series, period. when i finish the 7th one, i'm gonna go straight back to book 3 and read this all over again. i never really liked harry potter at all when my mom ... Read full review

awesome bpox set of books

User Review  - MadEyeMoodyRemusLupin101 - Borders

this box set of the harry potter book series is awesome and totally inspiring and has alot of good poistive things about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read full review

Great Book! Just like the rest!

User Review  - Zack - Borders

When the movies first came out, I was more of a Lord of the Rings fan and me and my friends made fun of the Harry Potter series, but about a year and a half ago I read the first book, then the next, and a week later the next, and then was reading the books 1 in a week. They are all great! Read full review

I loved this book!!

User Review  - NicoleMarie - Borders

I read this before I saw the movie and I couldn't put it down. You don't have to be 12 to enjoy this book. Although it's great to read to your kids at bedtime. Read full review

It's Magical!

User Review  - Stnkrbell - Borders

This was the series that got me hooked into reading. I had FINALLY found a book, more then A book but a series that I got into and just loved reading. I really enjoyed reading this series. It was so ... Read full review

Perfect Convience

User Review  - UltraCashmere - Borders

I have read all the HP book and loved every moment of it. Now that it comes in this cute little trunk, it will be easy for me enjoy the books over and over again. Read full review

Harry Potter Box Set

User Review  - Maha - Borders

For any die-hard book fan of the Harry Potter Series, this box set is a MUST HAVE! It's all hardcover, and I especially LOVE the wooden trunk the books come in! It's safe for the books, and has an authentic Harry Potter feeling to it. A great collectors item! Read full review

Good book

User Review  - starshine21606 - Borders

i liked this book because at the end harry finds out sirus is his godfather Read full review

Harry Potter

User Review  - lizzygurl - Borders

I loved it! I've loved the whole series! The books are so much better than the movies! (Although they are good too!) Read full review

Worst harry potter book

User Review  - Otaku Cutie - Borders

A good book. But lacks the ' Harry-Perience' (Harry Potter experience) of the other HP books. I did not enjoy it as much. Read full review

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