Reintroduction Biology: Integrating Science and Management

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John G. Ewen, Doug P. Armstrong, Kevin A. Parker, Philip J. Seddon
John Wiley & Sons, Jan 30, 2012 - Nature - 499 pages
Animal translocations: what are they and why do we do them? / Philip J. Seddon, W. Maartin Strauss and John Innes -- A tale of two islands: the rescue and recovery of endemic birds in New Zealand and Mauritius / Carl G. Jones and Don V. Merton -- Selecting suitable habitats for reintroductions: variation, change and the role of species distribution modelling / Patrick E. Osborne and Philip J. Seddon -- The theory and practice of catching, holding, moving and releasing animals / Kevin A. Parker, Molly J. Dickens, Rohan H. Clarke and Tim G. Lovegrove -- Dispersal and habitat selection: behavioural and spatial constraints for animal translocations / Pascaline Le Gouar, Jean-Baptiste Mihoub and François Sarrazin -- Modelling reintroduced populations: the state of the art and future directions / Doug P. Armstrong and Michelle H. Reynolds -- Monitoring for reintroductions / James D. Nichols and Doug P. Armstrong -- Adaptive management of reintroduction / Michael A. McCarthy, Doug P. Armstrong and Michael C. Runge -- Empirical consideration of parasites and health in reintroduction / John G. Ewen, Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse, Maurice R. Alley, Claudia Carraro, Anthony W. Sainsbury, Kirsty Swinnerton and Rosie Woodroffe -- Methods of disease risk analysis for reintroduction programmes / Anthony W. Sainsbury, Doug P. Armstrong and John G. Ewen -- The genetics of reintroductions: inbreeding and genetic drift / Lukas F. Keller, Iris Biebach, Steven R. Ewing and Paquita E.A. Hoeck -- Genetic consequences of reintroductions ad insights from population history / Jim J. Groombridge, Claire Raisin, Rachel Bristol and David S. Richardson -- Managing genetic issues in reintroduction biology / Ian G. Jamieson and Robert C. Lacy -- Summary / Philip J. Seddon, Doug P. Armstrong, Kevin A. Parker and John G. Ewen.

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What Are They and Why Do We
The Rescue and Recovery of Endemic
Ian G Jamieson Department of Zoology University of Otago PO Box
Kirsty Swinnerton Island Conservation Center for Ocean Health
The Theory and Practice of Catching Holding Moving
Behavioural and Spatial
The State of the
Monitoring for Reintroductions
Empirical Consideration of Parasites and Health
Methods of Disease Risk Analysis for Reintroduction
Inbreeding and Genetic Drift
Genetic Consequences of Reintroductions and Insights
and David S Richardson
Managing Genetic Issues in Reintroduction Biology

Rosie Woodroffe Institute of Zoology Zoological Society of London Regents

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About the author (2012)

John Ewen is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London and is supported by a Research Councils UK Academic Fellowship. He is currently co-leader of the New Zealand Department of Conservation's Hihi Recovery Group and is a member of the IUCN/SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group.

Doug Armstrong is the Professor of Conservation Biology at Massey University in New Zealand. He has been involved in reintroduction since 1992, and has been the Oceania Chair of the IUCN/SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group since 1997.

Kevin Parker is a post-doctoral fellow at Massey University, New Zealand. He is a member of the IUCN/SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group.

Phil Seddon is an Associate Professor at the University of Otago and Director of the Department of Zoology's Postgraduate Wildlife Management Programme. Phil has been a member of the IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group (RSG) since 1995, and RSG Bird Section Chair since 1998.

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