From Superman to Man

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Independently Published, May 3, 2018 - 99 pages
Racism has surfaced time and again through the course of American history.

Men and women have attempted to justify their absurd opinions through a variety of arguments, from religion to science, to history and culture.

J. A. Roger's brilliant polemic From "Superman" to Man uncovers how truly weak racist arguments are.

Set in a train carriage the plot revolves around the debate between a white racist Southern politician and an African-American Pullman porter.

Every stereotypical argument that is put forward by the politician is rebuffed by the porter who uses sophisticated points backed up with solid evidence to counter the frequently offensive comments.

Prof, George B. Foster, University of Chicago: "A stirring story, faithful to truth and helpful to a better understanding and feeling."

New York Evening Post: "This porter, who had attended Yale, had travelled extensively and spoke several languages, had at his fingers' end the arguments necessary to prove that his race was not a whit inferior to the Caucasian."

W. N. C. Carlton, Esq., Librarian, Newberry Library, Chicago (in a letter to the author): "I shall place your book in the permanent collection of the Library where present day and future students of the history of your race will find it a most significant document."

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: "From Superman to Man is a vindication of the American Negro."

Hon. George W, Ellis, F, R. G, S, eight years Secretary of the U. S. Legation to Liberia: "From Superman to Man by J. A. Rogers is a significant contribution to interracial literature in more ways than one. Its breadth of scholastic research, its selection and concentration of matter are as amazing as its wealth of information. The book is well written and the skillful management of materials shows not only the author's mastery of his subject, but his knowledge of the technique of the literary art. In the program of the broadest education of the races and the promotion of social concord and co-operation this volume should be in every library and home of the country. In his absorbing story we see the souls, of the white and darker worlds groping and struggling toward the better day of peace and good understanding between the races."

From "Superman" to Man is a fascinating and brilliantly well-written attack on racial prejudices that deserves to be read by all. Although first written over one hundred years ago it is just as enlightening to readers of the early twenty-first century as it was in 1917.

J. A. Rogers was a Jamaican-American author, journalist, and historian. He wrote widely in history, sociology and anthropology and frequently challenged ideas surrounding race and racism. His book From "Superman" to Man was first published in 1917. He passed away in 1966.

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