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The life of LtGen Nathan Bedford Forrest was maligned by Northern historians even prior to the end of the War of Southern Independence. For the "true" historian with no agenda, this book will confuse. The author weaves a tale that hops back and forth between praise and villainy. Northern propaganda is cited, as well as subjective reasoning, The man, God rest his soul, when honestly researched is found to be a hero that quantifiable history has painted and one of the first "white" civil rights activists (Oh dear Lord, have you just been given a jolt? Please see his speech before the Order of the Poll Bearers, the forerunner of the NAACP). His former "slaves" rode with him not as servants (they were freed when his unit was formed), but as brave cavalry soldiers. They could have deserted at any point on horseback, but they stuck by a leader who THEY KNEW had their and the best interests of his State and nation at heart. In later years LtGen Forrest called them the bravest soldiers he had the pleasure of serving with. Not the words of a racist or the leader of a group like the KKK as it exists today (true research shows the KKK initially as a group of Southern patriots whose agenda was nothing more or less than the protection of all from the atrocities STILL committed against the people in the occupied South after the Northern victory).
Shame and contempt to all who malign this brave man, leader, and true hero of the Southern Confederacy.

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