Sermons to Children

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Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge, 1856

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Page 10 - Now, dear children, just as you try to please your friends, if you love them, so do those who love Jesus Christ try to please Him. They are always trying to do His will, to keep His laws, to live after His commandments, to obey His precepts. They do not think any of Christ's commands grievous; they never say that His laws are hard, strict, and disagreeable. It is their delight to walk in His paths. Dear children, no man, or woman, or child, can really love Jesus Christ, if they do not try to obey...
Page 22 - And then, she talked about Jesus Christ. She told me about His agony in the garden of Gethsemane — about His sweating as it were drops of blood — about the soldiers nailing Him to the cross — about the spear piercing His side, and blood and water coming out. " Oh ! " she said, " how very good it was of Him to die for us, and such a cruel death ! how good He was to suffer so for our sins ! " And then she talked about wicked people.
Page 21 - You cannot think how many things in the Bible this poor little blind girl knew. I only wish that every grown-up person in England knew as much as she did. But I must try and tell you some of them. She talked to me about sin ; how it first came into the world, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden t fruit, and how it was to be seen everywhere now. " Oh ! " she said, " there are no really good people.
Page 20 - London, and we travelled a great many miles together. She was only eight years old, and she was quite blind. She had never been able to see at all. She had never seen the sun, and the stars, and the sky, and the grass, and the flowers, and the trees, and the birds — and all those pleasant things which you see every day of your lives — but still she was quite happy.
Page 21 - I am not frightened. I have travelled before, and I trust in God, and people are always very kind to me.'' But I soon found out the reason why she was so happy ; and what do you think it was 1 She loved Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ loved her; she had sought Jesus Christ, and she had found him.
Page 22 - I know the reason why they are so wicked : it is because they do not try to be good, — they do not wish to be good, — they do not ask Jesus to make them good." I asked her what part of the Bible she liked best. She told me she liked all the history of Jesus Christ, but the chapters she was most fond of were the three last chapters of the Book of Revelation. I had...
Page 4 - These are sweet words indeed ; and who do you think says them? They are said by the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. He is called " Wisdom " in this chapter. But we know it means Jesus Christ, for there are things said about Wisdom in this chapter which cannot be said truly about any one but Jesus Christ Himself. Come now and let us see what Jesus Christ says. Listen, dear children, for this is very important. I. He tells us : "I love them that love Me.

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