Croatians: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature CroakersWe've got dead and dying cattle in every pasture from the falls to the river, while these in sight aren't able to keep out of the stench of those that croaked between here and the ford.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.Jove laughed at their croaking, and threw down into the swamp a huge Log, which came down splashing into the swamp.ndash;Aesop in Aesop's Fables.The ancients, in most nations, had a peculiar dislike to croakers, prophets of evil, and the bearers of evil tidings.ndash;T.S. Arthur in Friends and Neighbors.Benedict croaking a text.ndash;Ambrose Bierce in The Devil's Dictionary.No more of thy cursed croaking now, to wake me in the morning.ndash;R.D. Blackmore in Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor.In every direction, and in spite of foolish croakers, the human race has improved.ndash;Brisbane in Editorials from the Hearst Newspapers.No wonder that croakers declared that the little party had been cut off to perish miserably in the pathless woods that cover the heart of the continent.ndash;Noah Brooks in First Across the Continent.One of the French voyageurs confirmed this story; but the croaking snake was never found and identified.ndash;Noah Brooks in First Across the Continent.She ate, she pecked in the ground, she croaked, she came not back.ndash;E.A. Wallis Budge in Babylonian Story of the Deluge.I'm here, an' here I stays till I croaks, but yeh better believe me, I'm goin, to croak a few before I goes, so if any of you ginks are me frien's yeh better keep outen here so's yeh won't get hurted.ndash;Edgar Rice Burroughs in The Mucker.

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