The Repertory of patent inventions [formerly The Repertory of arts, manufactures and agriculture]. Vol.1-enlarged ser., vol.40, Volume 3

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Page 259 - Now Know Ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Adolphe Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement thereof, reference being had to the Drawing hereunto annexed, and to the figures and letters marked thereon...
Page 210 - I do hereby declare this to be my specification of the same; and that I do verily believe this my said specification doth comply, in all respects, fully, and without reserve or disguise, with the proviso in the said hereinbefore in part recited letters patent contained.
Page 205 - To all to whom these presents shall come, &c. &c. — Now know ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said...
Page 376 - I804 ; and some remarks by myself in one of the volumes of the Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c.
Page 73 - The two conical runners in this engine are of an equal length and diameter ; each has two wings or pistons attached, and two grooves cut into it, and in revolving in opposite directions, the wing of one runner falls alternately into the groove of the other. The steam enters by pipe F, and as the cylinders are running in contact it cannot escape between them, but acts upon the two wings in an opposite direction, and escapes at the eduction pipe, G, after the said wings have passed the same.
Page 235 - ... to the principle, that when columns of different liquids are elevated by the same pressure, their heights must be inversely as their gravities. Two glass tubes, of the size and bore usually employed in barometers, are made to communicate internally with each other, and with a gum elastic bag, G, by means of a brass tube and two sockets of the same metal, into which they are severally inserted. The brass tube terminates in a cock, to which the neck of the bag is tied. Between the cock and the...
Page 85 - ... when I had a mind to divert strangers or friends, I have frequently taken one of these bladders and pricked a hole therein with a pin, and compressing gently the bladder near the flame of a candle till it once took fire, it would then continue flaming till all the spirit was compressed out of the bladder; which was the more surprising, because no one could discern any difference in the appearance between these bladders and those which are filled with common air.
Page 205 - ... works, such alloys, and in such proportions, as will greatly improve the quality of the said steel, and will enable the manufacturer to produce, in goods made of the said alloyed steel, the beautiful wavy appearance exhibited on the best Damascus sword blades. This said alloyed steel we call meteor steel. And in further compliance with the said proviso I, the said John Martineau...
Page 143 - And such invention being, to the best of my knowledge and belief, entirely new, and never before used...
Page 73 - ... engine, a pinion, o, on the opposite end of the axis of the cylinder. Fig. 7 shows an end section view, and fig. 8 a longitudinal section. Figs. 12 and 13 two external views of an engine which I have constructed upon a different plan, without altering any of the leading principles of the two engines heretofore described. The same letters already explained apply likewise to the lastmentioned figures.

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