Taoist Feng Shui: The Ancient Roots of the Chinese Art of Placement

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Inner Traditions / Bear & Co, 1999 - Architecture - 148 pages
• The first book to explain how feng shui developed from the Taoist systems of astrology, yin and yang, and the five elements.

• Provides a background on Taoist philosophy to help readers better understand the principles of feng shui and how to use them properly.

• Helps readers improve home, business, garden, property, neighborhoods, and much more.

The Chinese art of feng shui has become extremely popular in the West, but too often advice on the subject consists of overly simplistic instructions for rearranging one's house without any explanation of the profound philosophical system behind these changes. The ancient Taoists developed feng shui from their understanding of the subtle interplay of energies that make up the universe, and no true mastery of feng shui is possible without a knowledge of Taoism. Taoist Feng Shui provides step-by-step guidelines for improving your home, business, garden, property, and neighborhood using this ancient system of knowledge.

In Taoist Feng Shui, Susan Levitt traces the history of feng shui and shows how it is grounded in knowledge of yin and yang and the five Taoist elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, as well as many other principles essential to Taoism. Once a background in Taoism is established, readers can better understand the philosophy behind concepts such as choosing the best colors for each room of the home, room-by-room furniture placement, yin and yang balance, correct lighting, outdoor landscaping, the function of hallways and entrances, and the proper use of mirrors, crystals, fountains, and other feng shui tools. With in-depth examples from the author's private feng shui practice, Taoist Feng Shui can help all readers transform their personal environments to create peace, harmony, health, wealth, and good fortune.

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History of the Dragon
The Way of the Tao
Eight Trigrams
BaGua Map
Five Elements
How to Practice Feng Shui
Feng Shui Solutions
Reckoning of Fate
Lo Pan Compass and I Ching
Lunar Calendar from 1900 to 2031
Feng Shui Resources

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Taoist Feng Shui
The Ancient Roots of the Chinese Art of Placement

1. History of the Dragon
2. The Way of the Tao
3. Eight Trigrams
4. Ba-Gua Map
5. Five Elements
6. How to Practice Feng Shui
7. Feng Shui Solutions
8. Reckoning of Fate
9. Lo P'an Compass and I Ching
Lunar Calendar from 1900 to 2032
Feng Shui Resources

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