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Where is the 4th edition?
The 4th edition was published Feb 2012... Is it available? This version is 12 years old... a lot has changed.

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It is usually said that this is THE book about Perl to read. I do also think so. Specially if you are new to Perl. Nevertheless, the book got a bit outdated in the meantime (misses some packages which are now of wide use, and make up for some of the handicaps in the design of Perl, like Moose, and, in my opinion, more (a lot more) emphasis on functional programming).
Also, this book is about introducing the reader to Perl, i.e. it does not go into detail on how to make the best out of Perl. Two great companions for this book are Joseph Hall's "Effective Perl Programming", and Mark Jason Dominus' "Higher Order Perl". This last one is freely available on the web.

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Programming Perl provides in depth insight into not only syntactic aspects of Perl, but also explains how and why each feature of the language works. It provides enough detail to create more than a general knowledge base for the programmer. It explains the magic behind how a weak scoping, dynamic binding language can work efficiently. This book can act as a tutorial, api, and explanation of why these techniques work. It convinces the reader to consider Perl as more than just a scripting language and demonstrates Perl's capability of acting as an enterprise level development platform. It completely explains how Perl can be used for Object Oriented applications including full data encapsulation and demonstrates how Perl's lexical techniques rival other languages. However, this book contains high level terminology that may not be understood by those beginning programmers. I was a fourth year computer science student before I really understood the details expressed within, not to mention the puns. 

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it is good

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cet outil est tout simplement génial ..
signé : une bibliothécaire

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