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An absolute Classic

User Review  - Borders

I purchased this book. Matilda is the classic story of an incredibly smart little girl who develops telekinesis and uses it, not to improve her own horrible home life, but to help others. Don't know ... Read full review


User Review  - VampireGirl - Borders

Matilda Ronald Dahl Who put superglue in Dad’s hat? Was it really a ghost who came into the house? Who stuck peroxide in Dad’s shampoo? Matilda is a great at playing tricks on her mean cruel parents ... Read full review

Best Dahl book ever!

User Review  - Kids Bookseller - Borders

This is my all time favorite Roald Dahl book. Its about a girl who has always been extremely intelligent, but whose parents are complete idiots that think books and learning are a waste of time. When ... Read full review

Matilda encourages a love for reading

User Review  - PaulKenny - Borders

Matilda is an exellent book for youngsters and the young at heart. Roald Dahl combines magic with an excellent sense of humor that is perfect for all ages. Read full review

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