Extra Ordinary: How Ordinary People Can Change the World

Front Cover
HarperCollins Publishers Australia, Mar 18, 2019 - Assertiveness - 208 pages

A rousing, funny, straight-talking, inspirational and generally awesome book from Lucy Perry, woven around the lessons she's learned from working with Australian legend Dr Catherine Hamlin and other inspiring women, which urges us all to step up, speak out, make a difference and save the world.

This book is for women and girls who are restless. Women who seek adventure, who know the world is messed up and ugly and who have the courage to take it on with war paint on their faces and a quick flash of the tits if that's what it takes to be heard.

This book is for women who have the balls to be leaders in the 21st century when only 17% of women are leaders in Australia right now. This book is for girls who are ready to shake off expectations of who they might be as women in this place and time and just get shit done. It's for women and girls who feel so incredibly passionate about the people and causes that matter to them that they are ready to learn what it takes. This is also for the millions of women who feel trapped by circumstance.

This book will challenge the reader to reconsider conventional barriers to success and chuck the rule book in the bin. Their ears are open and they are ready to lead the charge, to conquer the world with kindness, courage and clever ideas.

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