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N 25

Undetermined genus

Donkey, horse, camel, dog, and ox

Hyderabad, Sind, India

Dr. Advani
Thrown away


N 25d

RML 105829

18 rf, 9 ? Rhipicephalus

Donkey, horse, camel, dog,
and ox

Hyderabad (25.22 N, 68.22 E),
Sind, Pakistan


Dr. Advani

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26b Hyalonroa aegyptium

26c Hyalomma aegyptium

26c' Rhipicephalus evertsi 26d Rhipicephalus evertsi

Ox (26a, a'), Horse (26b), Goats and Sheep (26c, c'), Dog (26d)

South Africa

Rec'd. 6.IV.1906

Rec'd. from Dr. B. G. Brock Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa

26a, a1, b, c, c', d 105830

26a 2 a Rhipicephalus evertsi (pinned specimens)

26a 2 ff Hyalomma ruf ipes

26a 7 * Hyalomma truncatum

26a1 1 * Amblyomma hebraeum

26b 1 rf, 1 ? Hyalomma rufipes

26b 1 cf, l ? Rhipicephalus evertsi (pinned specimens)

26c 9 <t, 10 ? Hyalomma truncatum (including 1 <* in tick abnormalities jar)

26c1 2 ? Rhipicephalus evertsi (pinned specimens)

26d 1 ? Rhipicephalus simus

26d 6 er, 6 ? Hyalomma truncatum

Ox (26a, a'), Horse (26b), Goats and Sheep (26c, c'j, Dog (26d)

Republic of South Africa

Rec'd. 6.IV.1906

Rec'd. from Dr. B.G . Brock,
Germiston, Transvaal, S. Africa

The abnormal <f Hyalomma truncatum
was figured in Robinson (1920: 178).
He indicated the specimen was from a
goat, Germiston, Transvaal, S. Africa,

26a' was not entered in Nuttall's catalogue.

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27a, b 105831

27a 40 rf, 4 ? Hyalomma marginatum 27b 3 ? Rhipicephalus sanguineus Cattle

Campagna di Roma (41.54 N, 12.29 E), Italy

4-10.V.1906 Dr. B. Gosio



4 d*, 3 s Rhipicephalus sanguineus Cattle

Campagna di Roma (41.54 N, 12.29 E), Italy

27.IV - 3.V.1906 Dr. B. Gosio

Dr. Gosio writes from Rome 12.V.1906, "It all depends on the kind of cattle brought here. Usually I examine the slaughter house cattle. Soon there will be an import of Sardinian cattle on a large scale. Then they will receive a very large number of ticks, also in (cetrudizen ?) condition."

29 a, b N


(29a) Amblyomma petersi 1 =r

(29b) Dermacentor rhinocerotis 3 f, 2 9


Nimule, Nile Province, Uganda


Dr. W. A. Densham

Dr. Densham wrote, "They were not attached firmly like most ticks and I watched them for some time as they moved about over the skin." [c, ? mounted dry in cell on a slide]

29 a, b 105833

29a 1 rf Amblyomma rhinocerotis

29b 2 <t, 1 ? Dermacentor rhinocerinus

Diceros bicornis (probably)

Nimule (3.36 N, 32.03 E), Equatoria Province, Sudan (on Sudan-Uganda border)


Dr. W. A. Densham

All of the above are pinned specimens. Slides missing.

30 N 30

RML 105834

Hyalomma aegyptium c's, ?'s

Biskra, Algeria, North Africa


B. H. Soulsby

[y's found on neck, ?'s on belly and under shoulder.]

1 ? to Prof. Hewlett,

Kings College, London 6.III.1907.

1 9 to Dr. H. deB. Aragaa,

Brazil 23.1.1910.

1 <f9 1 9 to Dr. J. G. Parham,

Portuguese East Africa 18.IV.1910.

1 1 ? to N. Y. National

Museum 18. IV.1910

1 *, 1 ? to Prof. Dr. Dahl,

Berlin Museum VII.1914.

1 <c, 1 ? to Prof. Dr. Schenkling,

Deutsches Entomol. Museum VII.1914.

1 cr, 1 ? to Prof. Dr. Gestro,

Museo Civico di Stori Nat. Genova


4 <f, 12 ? to Prof. Wheeler, Boston, Mass. 20.11.1915.

20 ef, 56 ? Hyalomma dromedarii

Camel us dromedarius

Biskra (24.50 N, 5.52 E), Algeria


B. H. Soulsby
Collection in two vials.

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