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Report on a Collection of Ticks received from Dr. Brumpt, Paris, France, July 27, 1910. Their determinations, together with all the data obtainable, are as follows:

Haemaphysal is calcarata 1 <*,


fatus 9 Somali land, IV. 1901'

Hyalomma aegyptium o probably off Xerus ruti1 us, Biacobaba,

Rhipicephalus oculati

Haemaphysalis leachi a, 9 off Cam's mesomelas, Harar, Abyssinia

Rhipicephalus simus

Hyalomma aegyptium, off ? , Biacobaba, Somaliland, 10.IV.1909

Amblyomma variegatum, 1 o, off man, Kankan, Guinea, 10.VI.1909 (Dr. Yoyeus coll.)

Rhipicephalus sanguineus, 9's, probably on dog in my room at Djibouti, (Miss du Bourg), 11.1901

Boohilus austral is, 9's, off cattle, Ivory Coast, (M. Fillassier coll.), 11.1909

Rhipicephalus sanguineus, 9's, o's, Macroscelides roseti, Oran, Algeria

Boophilus austral is, 9's, off cattle, Ivory Coast, 11.1909 (M. Fillassier coll.)
(Nos. 9a, 9b & 9c. Not entered, owing to lack of data)

Amblyomma variegatum, ^9 off cattle, Kankan, Guinea (Dr. Yoyeuse


Boophilus austral is, 9's

Amblyomma variegatum 9's off cattle, Harar, Abyssinia, V.1901

Rhipicephalus evertsi, 9

Rhipicephalus sanguineus, 9, off ?, Gueldessa, Somaliland

Rhipicephalus sanguineus, ^9, off dog, Tunis. Sent by Dr. Blaizot

Rhipicephalus oculatus, ^9, off Strepsiceros imberbis, Herrer Valley, Abyssinia,
VI. 1901. (Mission du Bourg"}

Rhipicephalus simus, off native dog, Abba-Quelle, Congo

o, off Arvicola arvalis, near Paris, (M. Bessin coll.)

Rhipicephalus sanguineus, 9, off dog, Djibouti, S°maliland, 1.1906

Ixodes ricinus, <* and o's, off hedgehog, Chantilly, France, winter of 1910

Ixodes hexagonus, 9, off hedgehog, near Paris, Date?, (M. Bessin coll.)

Amblyomma variegatum, <*9 (bad condition) off cattle, Djubouti, Somaliland,
Hyalomma aegyptium, 9's (bad condition) 11.1901 (Mission du Bourg)

Amblyomma variegatum, <*9, off cow, Grand Popo, Dahomey

Hyalomma syriacum, aq, off Testudo graeca. No locality, etc.

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26. 27. 28.

Amblyomma gemma (Dbnitz), a, off Phacocherus aethiopicus africanus, Sagak,
SomaTTTand, 11.VII.1901.

29. ) Amblyomma marmoreum, off , Gueldessa, Somaliland.

30. ) Hyalomma aegyptium, *$, probably off cattle, Oran, Algeria.

31. ) Ixodes ricinus, 1?, off roe-deer, Halles, Paris, X.1908.

32. ) Ixodes ricinus, *?, off deer, Chantilly, France, X.1909.

33. ) Ixodes ricinus, *?, off roe-deer, Halies, Paris, X.1908.

34. ) Ixodes ricinus, off deer, Chantilly, France, XI.1909.

35. ) Ixodes ricinus, off hedgehog, Chantilly. France, X.1909.

The following ticks were received from Dr. Brumpt, Paris on
October 20th, 1910:

A. ) Haemaphysalis leachi, *'s, ?*S, off Hyaena crocuta, Harar, Abyssinia V.1901.
Al.) Rhipicephaus simus, tf's, off Hyaena crocuta, Harar, Abyssinia, V.1901.

B. ) Ixodes ugandanus var. djaronensis, off Procavia brucei, Harar, Abyssinia, V.1901

(- N. 1222)

C) Haemaphysalis leachi (small variety), off Procavia brucei and Procavia abyssinica , Harar, Abyssinia, (- N. 1223)

D. ) Rhipicephalus sp., off Helogale parvula, Harar, Abyssinia (=? N. 1225).

E. ) Haemaphysalis calcarata, probably off Xerus rutilus, Biacobaba, Somaliland, IV.1901,

Rhipicephalus sanguineus tf's, ?'s off hounds, Simla, 16.XII.1907, Col. H.T. Pease. The hounds suffering from piroplasmosis - also from Hissar, 1908 off wild boar.

Haemaphysalis bispinosa off lion, Gaur Forest Kathiawar, 11.III.1909.

Hyalomma aegyptium *'s, s's off buffalo with Nos. 1220 & 1221.

All of these were brought to us for identification by Mr. Howlett, 2nd Imperial Entomologist to the Govt, of India X-XI.1910

N 1238

Aponomma exornatum 1*, 1?
Water lizard

Kibango Bay, Victoria, Nyanza
Presented 21.11.1911
Dr. McConnell

Presented by Prof. R. Newstead
G.H.F.N, det.

N 1239

Ixodes hexagonus 1?
273 gorged



Sent alive 2.III.1911

Mr. W. Farren
(Naturalist, Cambridge)

N 1240

Ixodes hexagonus ?'s, N's

Histon, Cambs.
C. Warburton

N 1238
RML 110093

1 <f, 1 ? Aponomma exornatum

Water lizard

Kibanga Bay (00.07 N, 33.19 E), Uganda
Presented 21.11.1911
Dr. McConnell

N 1239
RML 110094

1 ? Ixodes hexagonus

Mustela putorius

Somerset (51.05 N, 03.00 W), England

Sent alive 2.III.1911

Mr. W. Farren (Naturalist, Cambridge)
Cited: Nuttall (1916: 328).

N 1240
RML 110095

2 ?, 6 N Ixodes hexagonus
Mustela furo

Histon (52.15 N, 00.06 E), Cambs. England
C. Warburton

Cited: Nuttall (1 91 6: 327).



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1241 110096

1 <?, 1 N, 5 L Ixodes hexagonus

Nest of Erinaceus europaeus

Histon (E2.15 N, 00.06 E),
Cambs., England


C. Warburton

The vial label incorrectly gives the Nuttall number as N 1141a; cited: Nuttall (1916: 327).



1 N Ornithodoros lahorensis Sheep

Lahore (31.35 N, 74.18 E), Pakistan Civil Veterinary Dept., Punjab

1243 110098

1 rf, l ?, 1 N Argas reflexus indicus

Found in basin of water

Entomological room, Indian Museum, Calcutta (22.32 N, 88.22 E), India


F. H. Gravely

Warburton (1910: 396), original description. Keirans & Brewster (1981: 154) discussed the type status of these specimens.

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