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First of all congratulations to Professor N. Cristescu for addition of an elaborate concept of geomechanics for rocks and soils. I have already studied book " Time Effect in Rock Mechanics authored by Professor N. Cristescu and Udo Hunsche. I have gone through the limited contents and materials available on the web site. I have observed that the extensive mathematical contents related to deformation with their physical meanings. I will be happy with presentation of complex deformation phenomena in form of empirical equations.
Wish a successful utility of the book for betterment of academics and research. I will be more happy if you send the whole contents and material so that I can write review systematically with all merits and demerits of the book.
With best wishes and deep regards to author.
Dr. R.K. Dubey
Associate Professor
Geotech Engg. & Eng. Geol. (Geomechanics and Salt mechanics)
Department of Geology
Indian School of Mines
Dhanbad-826 004, India

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