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horse is running; it does not [intend to] attack, but wishes to marry.

Interpretation. Negative IV. Occupies a proper position but is in a doubtful state. “ It does not [intend to] attack, but wishes to marry”—this implies that [Negative IV] will eventually be free from evils.

Negative V. Embellishes hills and gardens, and makes presents in very small quantities. Lucky in the end, though inauspicious.

Interpretation. Negative V“will be lucky”-that is, there will be a rejoicing.

Positive VI. Embellishes himself with white and will be free from evils.

Interpretation. “[Positive VI] embellishes himself with white, and will be free from blame”—because he has attained his wishes.



At the time of the Revolution there was an officer named Sanzaemon Shimomura in the office at Uraga, who had been a subject of the late Saga Daimiate. He was taken ill, but he did not care much for it. As he did not recover himself for a long time, he came at last to a physisian's at Yokohama, who told him that unless he will stay and apply medicaments. he will perhaps become desperate, as his sickness is apparently a light but rearly a very dangerous one. Mr. Shimomura told the Director as he was told, who said to him, "The public affairs of Uraga may be attended by a substitute. You stay at Yokohama, untill you are well again.” But Mr. Shimomura did not hear him, and went back to his

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office, saying that he had only a very slight disease. The Director asked me to divine his sickness. I calculated and obtained the change of Hi (13)" into Mei-i (I 1)."

“Mr. Shinomura will be no more,' saill I. "The physician" asked Mr. Director. "said it is a dangerous disease. But how can you prophecy his death ?” I' assured him then thus :-Hi' has mountain' above, and fire' below. Now the change of mountain' into ' earth' is the emblem of the brightness' of 'Ri's'

· being buried in the earth' of 'Kon. Again the 'Positive V l' is changed into a 'Negative;' where 'Positive' is life and 'Negative' is death. Thus we have an emblem of the change of life to death. Moreover the Positive VI' says 'Embellishes himself with white' in which 'white' refers to the funeral dress. His death is inevi


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We received the information of his death, in less than a month since,

THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. (DIVINED IN APRIL OF 14TH. OF MEIJI), At present the general opinions are directed towards the question of opening the National Assembly. The old and the young are all speaking of it, and the people in different parts of the country are preparing to apply and entreat the Government for it, as cager as the thirsty's seeking a well of water. The several opinions proposed by newspapers and by public speakers, are so miscellaneous and so diversified that they make the thoughts of man run into an utter confusion. I hold that things must follow their appropriate orders and that some affairs require immediate consideration while others not. Anything, however splendid, if not consistent in order and in time, will not only be in vain but bring

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unexpected vices. It is true for this National Assembly Dissertation too; whether the establishment is orderly and timely or not, can not be determined by my own views. It is by far better to apply the Ekifor the will of Providence. Thus I calculated and obtained the change of Hi ()” into "Taichiku (

+3.” The following is the full interpretation.

The 2nd. to the topmost element of the hexagram of Hiis an interval of five years. During this interval there will not necessarily be unluckiness,but when Hi ends, Hakupresents itself. The six elements of Haku or for six


the “ unluckiness will be great. Hence the way of avoiding the unluckiness and advancing towards luckiness is to relieve in accordance with the meaning of the Interpretation" of the changed hexagram the "Taichiku.I shall first explain the passage of Hito Hakuor the meaning of being unlucky, and then the meaning of the “Taichiku's " relief.

The "Figuration" says Hi is auspicious ; somewhat advantageous to advance.Himeans “ to embellishand everything which requires external embellishments, is because it has internal defects. Taking the case of our question, the representatives of Fu and Ken will be destitute of experience, if they are learned, and destitute of learning, if they are rich. The knowledge and experience are not yet complete so that they cover their emptiness with outward shows. This is the meaning of Hi.The “Expositionsays "Hi is auspicious because

weak comes to embellish strong ones. It is advantageous to advance, because a strong element separates himself and goes up to embellish weak ones. Such is the celestial embellishment. To be enlightened and to be at rest, is the human embellishment. Look at the celestial embellishment and forejudge the changes of the season.

Look at the human embellishment and enlighten the world.This shows the nature, of the intercourse between the government officers of the upper complernent and the National Assembly debators of the lower complement. As the representatives represent the several millions of people, the government officers must treat them politely, and they must also be courteous to the officers. They must be conciliated with each other and embellished. The emblem follows from the hexagram which represents the weak of the upper and the strong of the lower complement as embellishing one the other. It is somewhat advantageous to advance" means that as they are not yet fully experienced, they will err if they are not gradual. Hence with the National Assembly it will not be perfect at the beginning ; its opening is necessitated by the state of the society and the order of the Providence. This is the meaning of the phrase Such is the celestial embellishment.

"To be enlightened and to be at rest, is the human einbellishmentis an emblem of officers' and the debators' being envious of the civilization of Europe. It is evident that no person in the World is unwilling to have his country strong and prosperous. In order to do this it must be advanced in civilization, which is “the human embellishment."

Look at the celestial unbellishment and forejudge the changes of the season," means; as the ruling power of Heaven is being to be protective and compositive, we must survey the affairs of the world, rank ourselves in the world of this century, stand in match with the strong nations of Europe, and thus establish a best means for preserving our nationality for ever.

"Look at the human embelllishment and enlighten the world," means to open a national assembly appropriated to the degree of the intellect of people and the refinement of civilization; there to consult the political

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affairs, and to devise for the wellbeing of the nation.

Thus far I have traced the Emblem to explain the meaning of the whole hexagram, and I must now explain the successive elements.

Positive I embellishes his feet and leaving the carriage takes to walking.This shows that as it is

at the beginning of the National Assembly debators, they are not high and rich enough to pay for their carriages, and they are running about on foot for the extenuation of people's rights.

"Negative II embellishes his mustache" and the "Interpretation," "that is he wishes to raise himself under the patronage of his superiors.” This line is higher members of the military caste, and other excellent persons' exciting the debators and standing on equal matches with the Government. Now the debators may be rich in intellect, or knowledge, but not in practical experience; so that they are not yet much respectful. This element indicates that they are trying to make themselves seem august by adorning their faces with whiskers.

Positive III is embellished and glossy and will be lucky if permanently constant. This is the topmost of the lower complement, or it is the position of meeting with the government officers. "Glossyrefers to a

a superlaid ornament. Those things which are gilt and painted need fear friction, In the same way, if the debators and the officers do not rub against each other but keep in permanent constancy they will be in the “lucky.

Negative IV is embellished, yet is white. A white horse is running; it does not [intend to] attack, but wishes to marry.This is the position of the government officers, and the sentence describes the conditions of their intercourse with debators of the third. Embellished yet is white" is the emblem of the officers' explaining the aims of future. "A white horse is running" is that of

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