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lucky, if he is constant which means that the heir inheriting, the old father will die a peaceful death.”

A male child was born to him afterwards, worthy of being his heir, and I hope he will grow up to be a man as divined.



An emmity was excited between England and Russia from the contention of the boundaries of Afghanistan, since March of 1885. According to some newspapers, telegrams, and miscellaneous opinions, the negotiation seemed to be hopeless, and to some, the two nations seemed prepared already for a war. The negotiation, in fact, seemed most probably to be broken up, which excited the notice of all the world, and especially of our couutry. I divined the result of the negotiation, and obtained the "Positive VIof Ton (jlX ).”

"The mountain of the inner complement represents England, and the characteristic of a mountain is its fixedness. Though England seems to be incessantly preparing for a battle, yet she is, in reality, feigning a false courage, for sustaining her national glory. She is not really wishing to engage a battle, as will be

For, however strong her navy be, she can not use it with effect in such a land as Afghanistan. Will she rely then upon her army? No, her army is not numerous, but barely sufficient to defend herself. She has lately sent out more or less of her army for Soudan, and if she is going to send some to Afghanistan, she can do so with only a very small one. She must then employ the sepoys of India, but they can not fight with effect in such severely cold weather. Moreover, as the Indians have several sects of religions, and as they are under an


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influential control of their particular sects, their food is also different for different sects. However mighty an army of them, the English may have, they are not able to resist the Russians in the cold Afghanistan. Hence England must employ her navy if she will fight, and she can do no more than to check the commercial navigations of Russia with it. This may be a trouble for Russia, but is not effective for the battle in Afghanistan. Thus England is not willing to fight, and this is the reason why I obtained the emblem of the fixedness of Gon.'

“The heaven of the outer complement is Russia, and the characteristic of heaven is its strongness. Russia is following the commands of Peter, and is endeavouring to extend her territories. Her maxim is to go on and not to draw back, just like the heavenly bodies which keep turning on without ceasing.

“Now when the inner and the outer complements are compounded, they form 'Ton (ill' for England. When this diagram is seen from Russia it is 'Taisô (+ H #)' for Russia. This is an instance of the mysterious functions of the 'Eki,' proceeding from its capability of infinite changes. I shall now determine the result of the engagement between the two countries, through the interpretation of these diagrams.

Ton consists of the upper complement 'Ken' father and lower 'Gon' son, and represents a father going before and a son following him. It is called "Ton' as it is an emblem of the old father's retiring and the young son's inheriting. We thus see that England will now give up her sovereignty over the seas, and withdraw herself from foreign affairs. The 'Positive VI' says,

. 'Retreats by a bound, advantageous in every way.' Now England is monopolising the wealth of the world; the interest of her government loans, and the income from India, being sufficiently enormous to sustain her national expenses.

But now the time is come when she

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will quit her authority and retire with the money bag of the world. The phrase 'Retreats by a bound' refers to this; Ken' being a large amount of money.

It is an undoubted fact that rich persons do not like to quarrel so that England will not engage a war evidently. The Interpretation' says, 'Honourable men accordingly keep off small-minded men, not by rude treatment, but by the gravity of their conduct.' The policy of England is therefore only to be seriously defensive to Russia. “When "Ton' is inverted, its 'Positive VI is

' Positive I' of Taisô' or Russia. The thunder is *" brave and movable, and the heaven is strong and advancing. We have then an emblem of Russia's advancing with a large army, hence it is called "Taisô.' But as it is only at the beginning of the hexagram, she is still feeble and can not effectively. fulfill her desires. She will however be strong enough to execute, four years since. I shall now describe the process, by counting the number of years after the successive elements.

“ The Positsve I' says, 'Is strong at foot. Uulucky to advance. This is certain.' Russia is trying to extend her territoiries towards the central Asia, but her railroads are not yet completed, and she can not march her army easily over the 300 miles of deserts. The army of Cossacks can be sent, but it is not strong enough to extend through Afghanistan to India. Perhaps the soldiers can be sent over, but not the ammunitions and the cannon without the railways. Hence no war will be opened this year (18th, of Meiji).

The positive II' says 'Just and lucky, because he follows a middle course.' She will feign humility during this year (19th.) and will be preparing for battle, by elongating the railways and parading her militaries.

“ The 'Positive III' says ‘Small-minded men take advantage of their strength; but honourable men are

indifferent.'. This year, the soldiers well-trained, and railroads well lengthened, the soldiers will enter Afghanistan and devastate it. 'Honourable men are in

* different' means that her government officers will be feigning to be unwilling to invade others. (9th. Meiji).

“ The Positive IV' says, 'The fence opens it.felf and causés no embarrassment. Strong, just as a large carriage is strong on account of the strength of the rims of its. wheels. During the last three years, the railroad will have been completed over the desert, and a great army will advance to Afghanistan directly, and subjugate it. The fence...... no embarrassment'

" means that her force will be invincible. "Strong, just

... wheels' means that the railroad will have been completed, and the passage of the soldiers and transportation of ammunitions and cannon will be freely opened (21st).

The Interpretation' says, 'Honourable men accordingly never take a step, unless it is in conformity with propriety.

That Russia will not commence until after four yeaas' steps, will be seen from this sentence.

“The 'Homologue' of 'Taisô,' or 'Kwai (' repsents the state of Afghanistan. This hexagram has only one negative at the top, so that it is an emblem of wanting the head. Afghanistan will then be subjected to Russia at last.”

“ The result of the engagement between the two countries is as stated above. We niust be effected either directly or indirectly with the result, and it is desirable that a proper preparation will be made before a danger arises.” (Divined on 8th. May, 18th. Meiji).

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XXXIV. TAI-SÔ (A# The strength

of the great).

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Tai-. Is advantageous if just.

Exposition. Tai-means that the great are strong. [The great, i.e. strong elements] are firm in movement, and are therefore strong. "Tai-is advantage

ous if just,” that is to say, the great are just. When one is just and generous, one may see the essential character of the Heaven and the earth.

Interpretation. The thunder rolling in the sky is [the emblem of]. Tai-. Honourable men accordingly never take a step unless it is in conformity with propriety.

Positive I. Is strong at foot. Unlucky to advance. This is certain.

Interpretaion. When one is strong at foot, one will certainly fall into difficulties.

Positive II. Just and lucky.
Interpretation. Positive II is “just and lucky," be-

” cause he follows a middle course.

Positive III. Small-minded men take advantage of all their strength, but honourable men are indifferent. Dangerous, even if just. A male sheep strikes against a fence and injures his horn.

Interpretation. Small-minded men take advantage of all their strength, but honourable men are indifferent. Positive IV. Is just and lucky and free from re

The fence opens itself and causes no embarrassment. Strong, just as a large carriage is strong on account of the strength of the rims of its wheels.

Interpretation. “The fence opens itself and causes


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