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of Kwai' which says, "There is no skin at the hip. He is confused in walking. He is led by a sheep and is without any remorse.

He does not believe what he hears.' "There is no skin at the hipmeans that as you have gained a large sum of money without any pains, you are abstracted in mind and not at ease. He is confused in walking' means that you are wishing to do something, but can not set it out. He does not believe what he hears' means, though you have heard my opinion, yet can not follow it. From this emblem I see that your ability is not yet elevated enough to execute this beautiful act of benevolence. But as the nature of man is naturally good at his birth, you will deliberate on it carefully and will succeed in doing the good, I hope.”

Mr. Amamiya was very much pleased with my opinion, and took leave of me, promising that he will follow my advice and do as he was told. However he came to me after a fortnight, and said with regret, “When I received your advice, the other day, I was fully assured in it, and determined to go to Yamanashi. But on my way home from you, I met with a friend speculator, who persuaded me to try once more to obtain a big amount.

But I was

not successful this time, and lost a greater part of my earnings. I now swear to do as you told me, next time when I win."

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XLIV. KÔ (4R To meet).


. A woman is powerful ; do not receive the woman in marriage.

Exposition. means to meet, that is, a weak element meets strong ones. “Do not receive a woman in marriage,'

because you can not live long with her. The Heaven and the earth meet together, and every object assumes a definite aspect. A strong element meets an element occupying a middle and just position, and his principle widely prevails in the country. Great is the significance of the time of .

Interpretation. Wind blowing under the Heaven is [the emblem of] . The Sovereign issues a command and proclaims to the surrounding quarters.

Negative I. Is fastened to a metallic drag. Lucky, if constant. Unlucky, if he advances.

A weak pig really stumbles.

Interpretation. [Negative l] is fastened to a metallic drag, because the negative principle advances.

Positive II. A fish is put in a sack. Free from blame. Not advantageous for guests.

Interpretation. That 'a fish is put in a sack,' implies that, it is not served to guests.

Positive III. There is no skin at the hip. He is confused in walking. Dangerous, but there will be no

great blame.

Interpretation. “He is confused in walking,” that is, he has not yet made much progress.'

Positive IV. There is no fish in the sack. An inlucky circumstance will be occasioned.

Interpretation. It is unlucky when there is no fish, because the people are thus kept at a distance.

Positive V. Wraps a melon with a leaf of the Ki (a tree with large leaves). When he conceals his genius, something will come down from the Heaven.

Interpretation. It is a middle and just course for [Positive V] to conceal his genius. “Something will come down from the Heaven," because he does not deviate from the heavenly principle.

Positive VI. Meets the horn; inauspicious; but free from blame.

Interpretation. “[Positive VI] meets the horn," that is, he is embarrassed, and is in an inauspicious position.


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ENTANGLING OF EASTERN EUROPE. Mr. Torio called on me in December of 1885, and the topic of our conversation was directed towards the affairs of Eastern Europe. He said, “The alliance of Bulgaria and Roumelia is the greatest question of the present, and though apparently small, it is pregnant of a great consequence. Please divine its result.” I divined and obtained the Negative Iof (HE).'

“The modern nations of Europe are enriched and strong, flourished in industries, elevated in sciences and arts, and still more traces of war and rebel completely extinguished, and the balance of power fairly maintained, just like the perfect rotundity of the pure positiveness of 'Ken' or the Sun. Yet as a natural consequence, when a thing is completed, it is unavoidably followed by a vice, and thus the sudden explosion of the entangles between these two small countries was un

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The open


anticipated by Europeans, and startled them of a sudden. This is the reason why a single negative suddenly arose below the pure positives and presented the phenomenon of 'Kô,' so the 'Exposition' says '' means to meet, that is, a weak element meets strong ones.' ing of the confusion, by these small nations' opposing the Vienna treaty against all the great nations, seems to be apparently rash, but it is really following the principle of the alternation of time, of peace and war, and of rise and decline. However, ferocious may these two become, they are not worthy of attention ; but as a mound of several hundred feet is often caused to crush by a single hole of ants,' they might bring forth an unexpectedly great disasters. The rising of these weak and small nations against the strong and great ones may be regarded as an omen of a future eventfullness of the whole Continent.

" The ‘Negative Iwhich corresponds to Bulgaria and Roumelia, says 'Is fastened to a golden dray. Lucky, if constant. Unlucky if he advances. A А weak pig really stumbles.' The rising of these small countries must be relying upon an assistance, as the 'Negative I' which is the homologue of the Positive IV' which assist each other, and I believe I am right to say, that the homologue will be Russia; hence, '' fastened to a golden drag. It says 'Lucky, if constant, although they have attempted upon an assistance, they are not strong enough to match the others, and the others are not weak, so that they will be safer, if they will be contented in their situations without scheming such a recklessness. If they will proceed to oppose great nations, under an instigation of others, they will be instantly destroyed, so that it says, 'Unlucky, if he advances.' 'A weak pig really stumblesis a warning given for the great nations of Europe. It means that, the two countries are small and weak like 'a weak


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pig,' and their endeavours may be of a very small kind, but now that they have once arisen, they are a hole of a small ant, so that unless they are not subdued while young, they will perhaps lead into an incurable disorder.

“ The Positive II' is the neighbour of the 'Negative I,' and represents Turkey; It says 'A fish is put in a sack. Free from blame. Not advantageous for guests, in which 'fish ' means the two countries Bulgaria and Roumelia. As these countries belong to Turkey, the latter is responsible to endeavour not to extend the confusion to other countries. Turkey must superintend and tranquillize them, or the disturbance will increase and extend over the whole Europe. Thus the 'Interpretation' says, "That a fish is put in a sack, implies that it is not served to guests.'

“ The 'Positive III' is not directly related with the 'Negative 1,' and it represents Germany, France, Austria, Italy, etc.; which must, however, feel an indirect distress to political affairs. It says, "There is no skin at the hip. He is confused in walking. Dangerous, but there will be no great blame.'

Just as one can not sit at ease, when his hip is devoid of skin, so these nations can not rest at ease as the disturbance is in their Europe. He is confused in walking' means that, they are willing to interfere with this affaire but can not determine themselves, as these two countries are not to be meddled by them. But as they are not directly related countries, they will not be inflicted with serious disadvantages,—thus it says, "Dangerous but there will be no great blame.'

Positive IV' is the homologue of the 'Negative I' and represents one who stimulated the two to arise, and assisted them, perhaps Russia. It says, There is no fish in the sack. An unlucky circumstance will be occasioned.' Russia seems to be regarding these two as belonging to her for some reason, though it can not be

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