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LXI. CHÛ-FU (1 Truthful at heart).

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Chû-fu. Lucky, if truthful, even to a dolphin. Advantageous to wade a large river. Advantageous to be constant.

Exposition. In the Chû.fu, the

wedk elements are within, while the strong elements occay a middle position. Chû-fu is joyful and meek. Truthfulness transforms the country. “Lucky, if truthful even to a dolphin," that is, truthfulness is extended even to a dolphin. "Advantageous


‘ to wade a large river,” that is, one rides on a piece of wood, and the boat is empty. Chû-fu . is truthful at heart, and it is "advantageous to be constant,” because Heaven is. obeyed.

Interpretation. Wind blowing over a pond is (the emblem of]. Chû-fu. Honourable men accordingly consider justice and remit death.

Positive I. Is lucky, if thoughtful. Unlucky, if doubtful-minded.

Interpretation. "[Positive I] is lucky, if thoughtful,” because he has not changed his mind.

Positive II. A screaming crane is in the shade. Its offspring harmonizes with it. I possess a good cup. I shall keep it with you.

Interpretation. “Its offspring sympathizes with it,” this shows that its parent crane is desirous from his heart.

Negative III. Gets an enemy. He now beats a drum and then stops it; he now weeps and then sings.

Interpretation. "He now beats a drum and then stops it:" because his position is improper.

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Negative IV. The moou is near the fulness. The horses' comrades are lost.. Free from blame.

Interpretation. “A horses' comtades are lost," that is, [Negative IV] discards his companions and goes upwards.

Positive V. Is truthful and linking (others) to him in closest union. Free from blame.

Interpretation. “[Positive V] is truthful and is like folded hands,” because his position is just and proper.

Positive VI. The voice of a cock rises up to the Heaven. Unlucky, even if just.

Interpretation "The voice of a cock rises up to the Heaven; how can it be permanent ?


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MARRIAGE OF A NOBLEMAN. A nobleman lost his wife and remained single for many years, refusing all whom his friends offered him now and then. As, however, they knew very well the inconvenience of remaining single, they were trying to find out a proper match for him. I was one of their number, and was endeavouring with them as well as I could. On finding out a proper lady in the family of a military caste in Gifu-Ken, I divined and obtained the change of " Chúfu (+ 3" into Eki (

A." "This hexagram is so called as it represents two persons standing together, two minds agreeing each other, and two mouths kissing each other; also as it represents inflicted minds communicating each other through sincerity.

“The 'Exposition' says 'Truthfulness transforms the country' which means that a woman will marry and manage her house heartily. The Positive II' says, ' A screaming crane is in the shade. Its offspring harmonizes with it. I possess a good cup. I shall keep it with you.' 'A screaming crane is in the shade. Its offspring harmonizes with it' means that, the domestic life will go on in harmony, the wife will serve her husband obediently, and will have the pleasure of bringing up a child. *I have a good cup....' means, with such a virtuous woman, the family will harmonize and will flourish.'

I knew thus the lady was worthy of recommendation, and consulted with my friends how to proceed. But the nobleman is a very serious person, and is feared by all, no one would dare to bell he cat. Hereupon, I divined whether this matrimony will be successful or not, and obtained the change of Da (&)” into“Zui ().”

“The Exposition' says, 'Da means to rejoice. Strong elements are inside and weak elements are outside. It is joyful and advantageous to be constant. When, therefore, one joyfully leads the people in obedience to Heaven and with the sympathy of the people, the latter forget the hardship of their work. When one runs hazards the people forget their death. 'Haw great is this pleased satisfaction, stimulating the peope in such a way.' 'Interpretation' says, ' A pond standing by a pond is [the emblem of] Da. Honourable men accordingly conduct excercise in company with their friends. The 'Interpretation' of 'Positive II' says, 'It is lucky to be truthful and joyful, because there is sincerity of heart.' Thus, the Exposition and Interpretations' are all expressing joy and agreement. Moreover as the change in the second element produces Zui (3),' my offer will be 'obeyed,' or admitted.”

I knew thus that my proposal will be adopted. I went to him, and offered him my proposal. The nobleman adopted mine, and contracted a marriage with her.

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In the mean time, another candidate appeared in a family to whom the nobleman is under some obligations. One of my friends carried the news to me, and told me that the nobleman will break the former promise, I was astonished with the news, and on divining, I obtained the Posittve 1of “Ri (3).”

“As the 'Ri' has the 'tiger's tail' in the 'Negative III' thus Positive V' will correspond to the back of a tiger. Now that the nobleman is mounted on the tiger, he can not draw back evidently. The 'Interpretation' says, 'Positive V is resolute in action, because the position is just and proper,' which means that the lady of the former promise will be married.”

My friends did not believe me. On hearing the determination of the nobleman, however, who told them that he is going to take the former, they were for the first able to believe me.

He married the aforesaid woman, and I hope his family will flourish in harmony and happiness.

LXII. SHÔ-KWA (1) Superabundance

of the small).

A fly


Sho-kwa. Auspicious. Advantageous to be constant. Good for small matters; not good for large matters. ing bird leaves its voice. Not suitable for advancing; suitable for descending.

Very lucky. Exposition. Shô-kwa means the superabundance of the small, and is auspicious. The small are superabundant, and it is advantageous to be constant, that is, to advance with the times. Weak elements occupy middle positions, and it is consequently lucky for small matters. Strong elements lose positions and are not middle; and it is consequently not good for large matters. Shô-kwa has the figure of a flying bird. A flying bird leaves its voice, and it is not suitable for ascending, but it is suitable for descending. “Very lucky,” for to descend is obedient, while to ascend is refractory.

Interpretation. The thunder pealing above a mountain is [the emblem of] Shô-kwa. Honourable men are accordingly over polite in manners, over sad in mourning, and over economical in expenditures.

Negative I. A flying bird is unlucky.

Interpretation. “A Hying bird is nnlucky,” because there is no help. Negative II. Passes by his grand-father, but meets

his grand-mother. He does not see the Sovereign, but meets the latter's minister, Free from blame.

Interpretation. “He does not see the Sovereign, because the minister can not well be passed by.

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