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Interpretation. “Warning is observed the whole day,” because misgivings are felt.

Positive V. The eastern neighbour kills an ox, but [his piety] is inferior to [that of] the western neighbour who offers (some slight] sacrifices and truly receives blessings.

Interpretation. “The eastern neighbour kills an ox, but [his piety] is inferior to [that of] the western neighbour,” whose offerings are opportune.

The latter “truly receives blessings," and will be constantly attended with luckiness.

Negative VI. Gets his head wet; dangerous.

Interpretation. “[Negative VI] gets his head wet; dangerous,”—how can he be permanent ?



In the year 1883, Mr. Hiraoka, Chief Secretary to the Public Work Department, asked me, "Nowadays the currency of money are stopped, the markets solitary, and the commerce dull, so that every corner of this country is suffering under the dullness of trade. I am told that all the Europe is under the same condition, as will be seen from the present decline in the trade of raw silk. The money in the world is bound to flow about like water, so that its abrupt stand-stillness must be without some cause. Please divine the cause of the dullness of monetary currency in Europe.” I consented, and on divining, I obtained the “Negative IIof Kisei (BW).

"In this hexagram, fire is below water, which can not destroy each other, but are of use together, hence called Ki-sei.' Water naturally extinguishes fire, so

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that if they can not compromise between each other, there must be a metallic medium lying between them. Now, on feeding a steam boiler with feed water and heating it with fire, not only can fire and water compromise between them but also fire boils the water and both are of use together. Thus, the hexagram represents a Sterem Engine, and the alternate occurance of positive and negative elements, the proper arrangement of steam and exhaust pipes. Steam Engine is then the source of the dullness of the commercial world.

“The steam engine is a marvellous engine, which shows the intellect of man as arrived at its extremity, very nearly depriving the Creator of his power. Since its invention, there is hardly anything which does not receive its benefit. It has been, of late, greatly improved, and has deprived many of the labouring people of their living. Take, for instance, a manufactory employing 1000 work people, in which the managers through their intellect, and the workpeople through their labour, have been obtaining their living. The invention of the Steam Engine, however, has caused the machineries to be worked and the productions to be transported, all through the agency of steam, so that the demand for manual labour is greatly decreased. The products thus manufactured are naturally cheap, and the competition causes all the other manufactures to use steam. As the products are diffused all over the world very easily by locomotives and steamers, their demands, are increasing every year, But the supply is also being increased through tbe facility of their production.

“Most of the manufactories of Europe are established upon their capitals borrowed from banks or rich individuals, and now the supply being far above the demand, the markets are overfilled with goods, and are in an awful want of outlets. Those who waged 100,000 yen are now obliged to pawn theirs for 90,000; those who waged 90,000 for 80,000, and so on. In this way, the owner who keeps articles of 100,000 yeu's worth must pay interests of several hundred thousands, so that the capital of 100,000 will be extirpated in a few years. The manufacturers of Europe are thus in an imminent fear of losing their capitals, and also of losing the articles already produced. The 'Negative II,' says, “A woman loses the blind of her carriage. She does not search after it. But it is recovered in seven days.' The woman is naturally stingy in her temper, and the owners' fear of losing their capitals is like the woman's of losing her carriage blind. The woman can not go out without her blind, just like the marchants' standstillness when they lose their capitals. But as the articles are still remaining in their hands, they can sell them and ransom for the capitals, as it says, 'Does not search after it. But it is recovered in seven days.' Seven' is the number belonging to 'Ri,' so that the capitals will be restored in seven years.

“Although the intellectual and the opulent persons of Europe are enriched through the convenience of the engine, yet the poor and the labouring people are almost deprived of their occupations and consequently of their living. As the lower class occupy the greatest portion of the population of the world, those who demand for the articles are the most of their class. But they are pressed hard for their living and can not afford to buy the articles. The demand is thus decreased, while, on the other hand, the supply is greatly increasing; and the present phenomenon is a necessary consequence.

The Steam Engine has not only caused the dullness in the commercial world, but also it has an effect in the appearance of the socialists which are tending to extend their undulations to this country. These are the unavoidable reaction accompanying the refinement of the community and we must prepare ourselves to accommodate these changes.

“Taking again a manufactory of 1,000 labourers, on introducing the steam power, it will be sufficient with 500 of them. Estimating the attendants of machineries at 200, colliers at 100, and sailors and porters at 200, then 500 out of 1000 are obliged to lose their living completely. Five hundred, even in a single manufactory, so that for millions of manufactories in the world, those who lose their living must be immense in number. Moreover, the population of Europe has been estimated to have increased to three times the original number, in the present ceutury. Those who have been over-populated during this century, and those who lost their occupations through the steam, must attend some other occupations, such as pasturing, farming, and so forth. Now the owners of land or of money can obtain their rates from the poor, so that the richer the rich, the poorer

will be. “ The appearance of Socialists in Europe is owing to the last indicated condition. They think : There is no reason why the Creator should be partial in favouring mankind with His blessing. It is natural that all mankind shall share equal aniounts of the blessing. But as a vice accompanying the mankind, it is always losing its equality, and the rich are increasing in riches, and the poor in penury. Those who are wealthy take in enormous extents of land and are indulged in willful ex. travagances, while those who are unhappy can have not a morsel of land, even if they be working for ever. The Government is pretending to protect the people, but it is really protecting the estates of the rich with taxes raised from the poor. Such can by no means the will of the Creator. ur corporation is to equalize the shar each person of land and of wealth.' Their purport and demeanour are of course rash and deserve our hate, but an immense number of poors are liable to join them, and they are now beginning to get influence.

the poor

“The only hexagram out of the sixty-four which keeps in the regular positions of positive and negative elements is this 'Kisei.' This hexagram refers to the poor, the rich, the strong, and the weak's keeping in their positions and resulting in the present stoppage of circulation. Now, the Government of each nation of Europe is concerned with this affair, but it can not retrieve it effectively; it can only interfere with it to a small extent and obtain a small advantage, as it says, Kisei is somewhat auspicious. Lucky at first, but disturbed in the end,' and the 'Interpretation,' Think of calamities and take precautions against them. The Positive III' says, 'Kôso [a wise king of the Dynasty of In] attacked Kihó and defeated it in three years. Small-minded men must not use armies.'

Kósó was a wise king in the dynasty of In, and Ki-means northeast. Thus the civil strife of the socialists in Europe will inflict Asià with its pest, before it plays in Europe. Small-minded men inust not use armies,' means that the Socialists must be driven out into Asia.

Our country must be very careful about this point.

"At present, France is invading Anam. If she will advance into Birmah and Siam gradually, she will have 30,000,000 of people in Asia. Perhaps, she is going to imitate England by seizing Unna, Keshin, Fuhen, etc. when there will appear a tumult in China. the 'Negative IV' says, 'It leaks and rags are used. Warning is observed the whole day,' perhaps, her fleet will be wrecked and she will not execute her will easily. The ‘Positive V' says, "The eastern neighbour kills an ox, but [his piety] is inferior to that of the western neighbour who offers [some slight] sacrifices, and truly receives blessings.' "The eastern neighbour' refers to Asia.

'Kills an ox' means to slay those who are obedient. But his piety, etc.' shows that the Western nations will form an alliance and enjoy happiness

But as

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