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Property and Income in 1873. In January, 1872, a Royal Commission was appointed to inquire into the Property and Income of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and of the Colleges and Halls therein, with the prospects of increase and decrease, and to report the losses to which such property and income are applied.' The Commission consisted of the Duke of Cleveland, Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish, Baron Clinton, Hon. John William Strutt, William Henry Bateson, Bartholmew Price, and Kirkman Daniel Hodgsen. A Report, including a letter of Mr. Gladstone to the Chancellors of the two Universities, the Preliminary Letters addressed by the Chairman of the Commission, the Forms of Return respecting all external and internal sources of income and the expenditures, and the answers of the Heads of Colleges, was submitted to the Queen, and presented by her command to Parliament in July, 1874. The information is full and satisfactory in all respects, except the extent and value of the site, buildings, and equipment used by the corporate authorities of the each University and College for the purposes of residence and instruction.


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1. The whole landed estates belonging to the two Universities on the 1st of January, 1872, comprised 319,718 acres, distributed through the whole of England and Wales. Of these lands

7,683 acres belonged to the University of Oxford; 184,764

Colleges and Halls of Oxford; 2,445

University of Cambridge; 124,826

Colleges of Cambridge. 2. The Universities and Colleges hold tithe rent charges to the following'amount:Oxford-University.....

£1,224 Colleges and Halls.

83,238 Cambridge-University

1,741 Colleges ....

63,679 3. The amount of stocks and shares is not given, but the annual income therefrom is given for Oxford_University .....

£13,086 Colleges and Halls.

26,426 Cambridge University

7,687 Colleges

19,314 4. The number of benefices in the gift of Oxford-University

5-net income £1,036 Colleges and Halls.


187,659 Cambridge-University..


394 Colleges



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The total income of the Universities and Colleges in the year 1871, was £754,405. Of this sum, £665,601 was for corporate use (A), and £88,803 subject to conditions of trust (B), distributed as follows: Oxford — University ..

.(A)£32,151—(B)£ 15,437 Colleges and Halls..

230,836– 35,417 Cambridge, University

23,642- 10,407 Colleges

278,970— 27,540


External Income.
The revenues arise from two different sources:

1. The endowments or property_designated external.

2. Rents, dues, and fees-designated internal. The external income of Oxford was from

Universities. Colleges.

£12,083 ....£170,990

1,162 26,833 Titbe Repts

490 34,152 Other Rent Charges.


4,092 Stocks, Shares, &c..

12,939 24,242 Other Property.

1,494 13,574 Special Endowment of Head..

6,289 Internal Income. The internal income of the University arises wholly from taxation.

At Oxford every member of the University pays £1 annually to the University Chest, payable in four equal quarterly payments. Those who have been admitted to the degree of M. A. can compound their does by a single payment. The whole sum received in 1871 was £14,900. There are fees for matriculation, at all examinations and on graduation, which amounted in 1871 to £18,066.

The internal income of the Colleges and Halls arises from rents of rooms, or chambers occupied; from sees on entrance and graduation; from dues paid by all members, whether resident or non-resident; from profits of buttery and kitchen; and from casual payments.

The total received by each college from each item is not given, escept from tuition paid by 1,500 undergraduates, which for Oxford was £30,761, which is applied to the payment of the College tators and lecturers; and from Cambridge (13 out of the 17 colleges) was £26,413.


1. The whole amount expended by the University of Oxford was £27,552, and of Trust Funds, £15,883.

For University Officers, Vice-Chancellor, Proctor.... £3,350
" Professors.

out of College Income.

6,694 * Examiners and Examinations..

2,397 u Bodlein Library

3,615 Trust Fund

2,837 u Scientific Institutions..

2. The largest items of College expenditures are as follows:
1. For Heads of Colleges, besides Rent of Houses, &c.:
19 Colleges in Oxford...


20,415 - 50,958
2. For Fellows, besides room and other allowances :


102,976 -204,147 3. The sum paid to Scholars and Exhibitions out of the corporate income of the colleges was for Oxford ...

£26,225 Cambridge

24,308 — 50,534 4. The sum charged from the management of estates in the colleges of Oxford

£8,801 Cambridge

6,906 — 15,707

Income and Expenditure of Colleges, 1871–72.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. University College in 1872 owned 7,604 acres of land, from which a net income of $7,414 was received. This income was increased from other corporate wurces to £11,626, exclusive of £2,502 from special trust funds and £1,806 from tuition fees, making a total of over £15,000

of the total expenditures (£11,295): £1,119 was paid to the Master.

£815 was paid to College Servants. 2,924 17 Fellows.


Scholars and Exhibitions 483

Maintenance of Establish 159 Masters and Fellows.


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XERTON COLLEGE. Merton College in 1872 owned 12,490 acres of land, from which the net annual income was returned for 1871 at £9,097—increased by incomes from other funds to £17,756, exclusive of £1,253 from tuition, &c.

Of the erpenditures for 1871: £1,119 was paid to the Warden,

£1,527 was paid to College Serrants. 6,725 23 Fellows.


Library. 330 Scholars and Exhibitions.

Maintenance of EstablishUniversity Professori.


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783 46

ORIEL COLLEGE. The lands belonging to Oriel College in 1872 amounted to 6,185 acres, yielding an income, with other property, of £15,541, which was increased by room rents, entranod and graduation fees to £18,500

of the expenditures (£16,709): £2,339 was paid to the Provost.

£188 was paid to College Officers, Deans,&c. 4.680 17 Fellows.


Library, 921 Scholars and Exhibitions.

Subscriptions, Donations. 120

Tutorial Fund.

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ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE. This College on the 1st of Jan., 1872, held 10,429 acres of land, from which it received a net income of £12,000, which was increased from other souroes to £25,000.

of the expenditures, £1,853 was paid to the President;

£433 was paid to the Tutorial Fund and other 33 Fellows;

Institutions ; 1,735

Scholars and Exhibitions ; 28 was paid to the Library. The annual value of a Senior Fellowship is about £460, and ather Fellowships about £200.


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CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEG3. This College otvns 17,622 acres of land, from which an income of $14,948 was derived in 1871, and which was increased from other sources to £16,000. of the expenditures, £1,350 was paid to the President;

£1,200 was paid to University Professors; 4,325 15 Fellows;


Library :
Scholars and Exhibi-


College Servants ; tions;


Vice-President, Dean, &c.




MAGDALEN COLLEGE. Magdalen College holds lands to the amount of 27,000 acres, from which an income of £17,000 is derived, which is increased by other sources to £18,000_besides holding 42 benefices of the net annual vnlue of £20,460. Of the expenditure (£33,000) of 1871, there was paid £2,594 to the President;

£1,200 to University Professon ; 12,400 to 30 Fellows;

138 to Library. 2,825 to various Exhibitions ;

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BRAZENOSE COLLEOL. This College holds 6,522 acres of land, from which an income of £3,511 was derived in 1871, 'which was increased by room rent, tuition, fees, &c., to about £13,000. Besides £8,540 from a Special Fund. or the expenditure for 1871 £1,439 was paid to the Principal;

£540 was paid to Tutorial Fund;
12 Fellows;


College Servants ;
Scholars and Bible Clerk.



College Property, Income and Expenditures.

ST. PETER'S COLLEGE. St. Peter's College owned in 1872, 3,611 acres, yielding an annual net income of £7,019, which was increased from other sources to £12,000.

of the expenditures (£8,663) : £1,122 was paid to the Master.

£259 was paid to Chapel Service. 11 Fellows.


Library. 252 Scholars and Exhibitions. 298

Establishment of College. 392

College Officers.

2,461 "

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CLARE COLLEGE. Clare College in 1872 owned 4,937 acres of land, yielding an income of £11,099, exclusive of £1,397 from rents, fees, &c., and £1,321 from tuition.

of the expenditures (£13,317): £1,017 was paid to the Master.

£430 was paid to College Officers. 4,481 18 Fellows.


College Servants. 1,749 Scholars and Exhibitions.



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43 4

8,612 1.399

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GONVILLE AND CAIUS COLLEOL. This College in 1872 owned 8,971 acres of land, yielding a net income of £13,920, which was increased by room rents, fees, &c., £3,117, and £2,091 for tuition-making a total of £19,000.

of the total expenditures (£17,000) : 1875 was paid to the Master.

£132 was paid to College Servants.
32 Fellows.

Scholars and Exhibitions. 625

Maintenance of Establish307 College Officers.


KING'S COLLEGE. King's College in 1872 owned 25,000 acres of land, yielding £22,212, increased by rents, dividends, and from other property to £35,921, exclusive of tuition fees.

or the total expenditures (£34,602) : £2,056 was paid to the Provost.

$736 was paid to College Officers. 14.297 47 Fellows.

Chapel and Chapel Ser. 1,560 Scholars and Exhibitions.


Resident Members.

Maintenance of Estab.

ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE. This college in 1872 held 16,777 acres of land, yielding a net income of £22,502, which was increased by rents from houses and other property to £35,873; to this was added from fees, &c., £9,877, and £6,277 from tuition of undergraduates-making a total income of £50,058.

of the total expenditure of £49,000 : £1,924 was paid to the Master.

£1,080 was paid to College Officer, Deans. 19,499 € 56 Fellows.


College Servants. 6,838 Scholars, Sizars, Exh.


Library. 692 Tutorial Fund.

Maintenance of Estabo

1,823 «

1,448 "



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TRINITY COLLEGE. Trinity College owns 18,940 acres of land, yielding a net income of £17,229, which is increased from other sources (houses, tithes, tuition of undergraduates, &c.,) to £75,000.

of the expenditures : £2,670 was paid to the Master.

£1.230 was paid to Examiners and Professors. 18,371 52 Fellows.


College Servants.
Scholars and Exhibitions.

Library. 4,261

Foundation Members. The college holds the advowson of 3 benefices, of the annual value of £20,000, and to the second and third presentation to two other benefices to the annual value of £790 and £260.

The value of the buildings, Master's Lodge and College ground, can be judged from the city assessment of £4,759.

The annual value of a Senior Fellowship and a Laborer Fellowship is £440 ; of R'Sixteen' Fellowship, £374 ; of a Major Fellowship. £275; and of a Minor Fellowship, £220_besides communs and certain allowances during residence.

A tutorship (3) is worth about £1,100 annually, besides £3,889 paid to 3 tutors. 12 assistants, 8 lecturers, and a prælector in Physiology, exclusive of £471 paid for their incidental expenses.

The annual value of a minor scholarship varies from £50 to £100, and of a foundation scholanship about £75.

The Library received about £1,000 from rents of college chambers, and special funds not included in above expenditure.


Preamble. Whereas the revenues of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are not adequate to the full discharge of the duties incumbent on them respectively, and it is therefore expedient that provision be made for enabling or requiring the colleges in the respective Universities to contribute more largely out of their revenues to University purposes, especially with a view to further and better instruction in art, science, and other branches of learning, where the same are not taught, or not adequately taught, in the University:

And whereas it may be requisite, for the purposes aforesaid, as regards each University, to attach fellowships and other emoluments held in the colleges to offices in the University:

And whereas it is also expedient that provision be made for regulating the tenure and advantages of fellowships not so attached, and for altering the conditions on which the same are held:

And whereas it is desirable to amend in divers other particulars the law relating to the Universities and colleges.

Clause 1 gives the title; 2, the interpretation; and 3, orders the appointment of Commissioners.

Oxford Commissioners. 4. The following persons are hereby nominated the University of Oxford Commissioners:

The Right Hon. Roundell, Baron Selborne.
The Right Hon. John Thomas, Earl of Redesdale.
The Right Hon. Montague Bernard, Doctor of Civil Law.
The Hon. Sir William Robert Grove, one of the Justices of Her Majesty's

High Court of Justice.
The Rev. James Bellamy, Doctor of Divinity, President of St. John's College.
Henry John Stephen Smith, Master of Arts, Savilian Professor of Geometry.
Matthew White Ridley, Esq., Master of Arts.

Cambridge Commissioners.
5. The following persons are hereby nom nated the University of Cambridge
The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Justice of England, Sir Alexander Jamcs

Edmund Cockburn, Bart.
The Right Rev. Henry, Lord Bishop of Worcester.
The Right Hon. John William, Lord Rayleigh.
The Right Hon. Edward Pleydell Bouverie.
George Gabriel Stokes,

Master of Arts, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. The Rev. J. B. Lightfoot, Doctor of Divinity, Lady Margaret Professor of George

Wirgman Hemming, one of Her Majesty's Counsel, Master of Arts. Clause 6 provides for any vacancies among the Commissioners being filled up by the Queen. 7. Confirms the duration of the Commission to the end of 1880, unless otherwise ordered by the Queen in Council from time to time, but not beyond 1881. 8. Provides that Lord Selborne shall be chairman of the Oxford Commission, and the Lord Chief Justice of the Cambridge Commission; in their absence a chairman to be chosen by the other Commissioners present; three to be a quorum. 9. Provides a common seal to be judicially noticed. 10. Vacancies not to affect the validity of the acts of the Commission, unless reduced to four, when their powers are to cease. Statutes for University and Colleges. Power for University and Colleges to

make Statutes. 11. Until the end of the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight. the University, and in Oxford a college, and in Cambr dge the govern:ng body of the college, shall bave the like powers in all respects of making statutes for the University or the college, and of making statutes for altering or reparing

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