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Partly Versified in Rhyme, and occasionally Diversified by Prose:

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Than over Weymouth quick it spread;
That city which had never seen
For many years a real queen!
Elms, beech-trees, laurels, poplars, larches,
Cut down to form triumphal arches;
The council was disturbed by quarrels,
Whether to purchase bays or laurels;
And there was many a hot debate,
Where for the Queen the Mayor should wait.
If he should loiter on the beach,
Or try the royal yacht to reach ;
But how it ended, can be better
Explained in the ensuing letter.




From a Member of the Weymouth Corporation to a friend in London.


Town HALL, WEYMOUTH, August 30, 1843. MY DEAR SIR :

You were anxious that I should send you the particulars of the Royal Visit to Weymouth ; and I now satisfy your curiosity, though my own is as unsatisfied as

Hearing that the royal yacht was opposite Weymouth, proceeding to lay to, I offered to lay ten to one that her Majesty would land. The Mayor and myself, who generally pull different ways, resolved for once to row in the same boat. We therefore put off from the shore; but before we could see the ship we shipped a sea, and the force of the current having broken our oars, we were obliged to have recourse to our sculls, the thickness of which fortunately saved us. Having neared the royal yacht, we remembered that we had forgotten to bring a flag, but hoisted a towel, the ends of which being joined together formed an admirable Union Jack for the occasion. Being desirous of paying the royal squadron the compliment of a salute, one of the corporation, who happened to be a printer, took from his pocket a large bill, technically termed a

broadside," which he let fly-with the wind—in the direction of the vessel. ' Having, at length, succeeded in gaining the attention of a man on the look-out at the head of the “Victoria and Albert,” we obtained permission to come alongside ; and, the boat rising and sinking with the waves, we were alternately presented to her Majesty, as the swell of the sea brought us a level with the cabin-window. I had the good fortune to obtain for my turn a very considerable billow — one of those broad ones which day, according to the song, goes down upon, and on the top of which I kept bowing until it had subsided. The Mayor, however, was not equally lucky, for the wave assigned to him broke suddenly into a breaker, and he was capsized in a cloud of spray, while the ceremony of presentation was proceeding. Her Majesty having declined to land at Weymouth, we determined on presenting the address, which we had brought with us cut and dried; but it fell overboard, and, though not dried, it was necessarily cut, for the royal yacht sailed away without it.

I can only conclude by saying, that when the Corporation of Weymouth wishes to communicate with the Sovereign, the B:itish Channel is evidently not the proper channel for doing so.

Yours faithfully,



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