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THE kind encouragement with which we are favoured by our readers

makes us happy in seizing this opportunity of returning them our grateful thanks... No periodical publication can long subsist without the patronage of the public. It is indisputably incumbent, therefore, on those who are lo fortunate as to enjoy this enviable diftinction, to haften with their tribute of thanks, on every proper occasion. Such little intercourses between the reader and author communicate a sensible satisfaction to both parties. Though a man may be conscious of his own deserts, he must be little acquainted with the capriciousness of mankind, if he be not flattered when his productions fucceed; and they must be perfect strangers to the operations of vanity in the breast of a prosperous writer, who are not pleased at the expansion of heart, which bids him acknowledge, how much he is indebted to the partiality of the public, for their encouragement.

But how far are our readers or ourselves concerned in what we have writ. ten? - This is a subject, into which, for many reasons, we shall at present decline entering, and shall conclude this little preface, with laying before them a short recapitulation of some of the principal pieces which our labours have produced or selected for their entertainment, in the second volume of the London Magazine enlarged and improved.

In the Magazine for JANUARY our readers will find, among other pieces, the Parliamentary History: a wooden cut and description of two Air-Balloons to be guided through the air in any direction: observations on Mr. Henry's inethod of preserving water at sea : account from Copenhagen of the new island near Rickenos: ode for the new year: Hayley's verses on Miss Seward : extract of a letter from M. Messier respecting the comet described in our former volume: account of the aerial voyage by Meft

. Charles and Roberts : Mr. Herschel's account of the diameter and magnitude of the Georgium Sidus: review of the debates of the Royal Society previous to the Christmas recess: plate of the port of Messina : Count Ippolito's letter on the earthquakes in Calabria, in addition to Sir William Hamilton's account: story of the great Montesquieu : life of Bentley, with other miscellaneous papers: review of an essay on landscape: Transactions of the Society of Arts: Halfted's History of Kent: Ferguson's History of the Roman Republic: Annual Register for 1782: acçount of new plays, and chronology of events,

FEBRUARY. Account of the black canker caterpillar: paper on the analysis of water : plan for a general inoculating difpenfary: introduction to the theory of earthquakes: account of a new species of volcano independent of fire : 'analysis of the character of Neftor: on theatrical criticism : explanation of an ancient enigmatical infcription at Bologna: continuation of Bentley's life : etsays on blackguardism and gentility: on the fair-fex : on the complaints of mankind : Mr. Charles Fox's verleg on Miss Frederick : Mr. Professor Richardson's Abiran : review of Philofophical Transactions, Blair's Lectures : Mably on History: Tyrwhitt's conjectures in Strabonem : Philosophical and Royal Society Intelligence.


the dangerous consequences of cold : Sir W. Blackstone on the Hales' Owen roll; Irish, mathematical, and philosophical papers: the life of Meursius : Langhome's hymn to humanity: verses by Jerningham and Richardson: explanation of Horace: on the English constitution: new plays: review of Hunfer's life: De Lolme's human fuperftition : Jerningham's Scandinavian poetry: Richardson's Russian empire : ftate papers: new ministry.

APRIL. Life of Sir John Pringle: scene from Buchanan : Stockdale on Mrs. Sidduns: astronomical papers: air-balloons: on elastic gum: on Sapphic verse: on style and language : on Horace : defcription and plate of the caftiron bridge in Shropshire: review of Stockdale's poems : De Lolme: Blair ; and Richardson: theatre: new parliament.

May. Irish papers: chemistry: mathematics: on the ftyle of conversation : on Euripides: on Mr. Wedgwood's book: chorus of Euripides: Dr. Johnson's epitaph on Mr. Thrale: papers on meteors: intelligence: life of Professor Gravesand: exhibition : theatre: review of Woodefonon jurisprudence : Berquin's Children's friend; and Hints for a reform: Scotch elections : ftate papers: commemoration of Handel.

JUNE. Irish papers: mathematics: aërostatics from the French: Dr. Hunter on the requisites for forming a man: epitaph by Dr. Johnson: songs by Hull and Holcroft: sonnets by Warwick: Lindore, in answer to Dr. Percy's Nancy: the revival of British spirit: on Virgil's Dido: on the progress of luxury at Edinburgh: life of Euler: review of Biographia Britannica: New Foundling Hospital for wit: Sad Shepherd: Cooke's voyage: Davies's miscellanies: Berquin: commemoration of Handel: plays at Colman's theatre : monthly chronology.

Such are, in part, the contents of the second volume of the work in its improred state; and we trust that our readers will not be displeased at having them recalled to their remembrance in this concise recapitulation.

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52, 114, 305, 391, 441, 477 Aftronomy

434 Biography

17, 105, 178, 264, 343, 420 Budget

76 Chemistry

254, 338, 412 English Theatre

74, 155, 231, 313, 389, 478 Erskine's Speech

234, 315, 482 Intelligence

175 Irish Representation, and Association Intelligence 9, 174, 288, 334, 416 Literary Review

54, 141, 214, 299, 378, 464 Mathematics

13, 101, 207, 250, 350, 432 Medicine Meteors Miscellany

26, 127, 184, 267, 352, 441 Monthly Chronology

78, 156, 237, 318, 394, 485 Musical Fund

73 Natural History

287 Optics Parliamentary History

I, 89, 165, 255, 325, 405 Philosophy Poetry

49, 124, 211, 294, 374, 460 Public Papers

392 Royal Society Intelligence


97, 436


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