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. lies and Rev. E. BENNETT. London: the truth. After showing this, Mr. Heaton and son: Graham calls attention to the stir- MR. Thomas looks upon the office ring up of the ministerial gift after of deacon as a necessary growth out the days of preliminary study, in all of the condition of the Christian which special regard must be had church. Mr. Bennett thinks he to the great end-the work of ex- finds in the appointment of the tending, developing, and disciplin- Seven sufficient authority for its ing the church of God.

institution. Both essays are careThe Office of Deacon. Two Prize fully written and well worth perusal.

Essays. By Rev. G. B. THOMAS,


and prayer.




of April, 1863, seven persons were THE WARWICKSHIRE CONFERENCE was baptized by Mr. Stenson, of Sawley, held at Wolvey, on Monday, May after an appropriate sermon from 11th, 1863. Rev. G. Davies, of Bond. Rev. E. Stevenson, of Loughborough. street, Birmingham, opened the One of the candidates was from service in the morning with reading Weston, two others from Sawley,

Brother Harrison of and four from Castle Donington. Birmingham, preached good They were added to the church the sermon from John xvii.17.; Sanctify same day.

J. P. them through Thy truth: Thy word is truth.

NOTTINGHAM, Stoney - street.-On In the afternoon brother M'Naugh- Tuesday evening, April 28th, we ton presided, and brethren Cross, of baptized eight friends, one of whom Coventry; and Moore, of Monks was in communion with the Wesleyan Kirby, conducted the devotions. Methodists and who desired to con. Twenty-five were reported as bap- tinue in that communion. On the tized, and forty remaining as can

first Sabbath in this month the seven didates.

were admitted to church fellowship

B. Y. It was resolved that the best at the Lord's table. thanks of this Conference be given

WENDOVER, Bucks.-On Thursday to brother Chapman for his very evening, April 30th, five believers efficient services in the past, and that brother Harrison be requested all of whom were received into the

were buried with Christ in baptism, to act as secretary for the next year: fellowship of the church on the

The next Conference to be held following Lord's-day afternoon. On at Warton, on the second Monday in both occasions the services were September. Mr. M'Naughton, of deeply solemn and interesting. Wolvey, to preach. W. CHAPMAN, Sec. GOSBERTON.-On Lord's-day, May

3rd, three disciples were baptized BAPTISMS.

by Mr. Jones. Two of these are

young men from the Sunday-school, Halifax.- On the last Lord's-day one a teacher, the other an elder in March, eight were baptized, and scholar. The other is the daughter April 26th, six others put on Christ of a late member of long standing in the same ordinance.

amongst us, who has recently been J. A. R. removed from us by death. J.A.J. Intelligence-Anniversaries, Miscellaneous.


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BURTON - ON - TRENT.-On Sunday,

MISCELLANEOUS. May 3rd, eight candidates were baptized in the morning, and they, PINCHBECK, Lincolnshire.-One of with one young friend who had ap- the largest and most interesting plied for restoration to fellowship, meetings, perhaps, ever held in this were received into the church in place in connection with Dissent, the evening. All, with one excep, was held on Wednesday, March 25, tion, are engaged in the school | 1863. The Rev. J. Staddon, late of either as teachers or scholars. The Quorndon, Leicestershire, having services were deeply interesting and accepted the cordial invitation of numerously attended. E. W.C. the Baptist church here, his friends

LOUGHBOROUGH, Wood - gate.-On were anxious to give him a hearty Sunday morning, May 3rd, after a welcome. At five o'clock nearly sermon on .The essentials and privi- two hundred sat down to tea, which leges of a consistent Christian con- had been gratituously provided by fession,' founded on the words Who- the members of the congregation. soever therefore shall confess me before After tea, a public meeting was men him will I confess also before my held, the spacious chapel was filled Father which is in heaven, seven be- | in every part. Rev. J. Cholerton, lievers in Christ were publicly bap- of Sutterton, opened the meeting; tized.

Their ages ranged from the Rev. P. Strutt, of Spalding thirteen to sixty.

(Independent), delivered an address ANNIVERSARIES.

on the nature of a Christian church;'

Mr. Staddon stated the circumCASTLE DONINGTON.-On Lord's.

stances which had led to the union day, May 3rd, 1863, two sermons were preached by Mr. T. W. Hand between the church at Pinchbeck ford, student of Rawdon College, offered by Mr. S. Sharman, of

and himself; special prayer was on behalf of the Sabbath-school; Spalding the Rev. J. C. Jones, to very large congregations. Many M.A., f'Spalding, addressed the in the evening were unable to gain admittance. Collections £16 10s.

the union between meeting on J. P.

ministers and people;' and the Rev. SHEEPSHED.-On Sunday, May

T. W. Mathews, of Boston, showed 17th, school

the duty of the church to the

world.' The addresses were listened preached by Mr. T. W. Marshall, of Loughborough. The congregations Rev. J. Beaven, of Pinchbeck

to with the deepest interest. The were good. Collections nearly £11. LONGTON. Two sermons were

(Independent), closed the meeting preached on behalf of the Sabbathschool, in the Baptist chapel, Long

BURTON-ON-TRENT. - On Good ton, on Sunday, May 17th, by Rev. Friday our annual tea meeting was J. J. Goadby, of Leicester. Col-held in the chapel and school-room. lections, £20.

Upwards of 300 persons sat down. LEICESTER, Friar . lane. Two Tbe tea was provided gratuitously sermons were preached on Lord's- | by the members of the church. Å day, May 17th, for the Sabbath public meeting was held afterwards, school, by Rev. C. Clarke, of over which our esteemed pastor Halifax. Collections, £29.

(the Rev. R. Kenny) presided, and

addresses were delivered by the REMOVAL

Revs. A. Pitt (Particular Baptist), THE Rev. THOMAS Yates, of and G. Hettle (Independent); and, Wirksworth, has acceded to an unani. also, by Messrs. Greenwood, Orchard, mous invitation to become the pastor and Dresser, from the College, Chil. of the General Baptist church at well. The meeting was one of the Kegworth and Diseworth, and enters most successful, interesting, and upon his labours there the third profitable we have had. Lord's-day in June.

E. W. C.




with prayer.

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THE EUROPEAN DEPUTATION TO for united prayer be held, and that

1 SPAIN.–A deputation has started supplication be specially made. for Spain, to solicit the Queen's 1. For Divine wisdom and guidance mercy for the Spanish prisoners. to be given to the Christian friends It consists of the Earl of Aberdeen, composing the various deputations, John Finch, Esq., Samuel Gurney, 2. For the Queen of Spain, and all Esq., M.P., Revs. Dr. Steane, Dr. in authority, that their hearts may Blackwood, and Hermann Schmet- be inclined to mercy and righteoustau, and it will be joined by a de ness behalf of the Spanish putation from the Society of Friends. prisoners. 3. For our beloved Simultaneously influential deputa- brethren under their cruel and final tions start from France, Holland, sentence, that they may be strengthSwitzerland, Denmark, Belgium, ened in their faith and allegiance to Prussia, Bavaria, Austria, Italy, the Lord Jesus Christ, and be solaced and other countries. The committee and sustained by the abiding pres. of the Evangelical Alliance, to ence of the Holy Spirit. 4. For whom the subject is entrusted, the overruling providence of Aldesire, while this step is being mighty God, that His word may taken abroad, that Cbristians speedily have free entrance and unthroughout the United Kingdom restricted use among the Spanish should be invited to join in prayer nation. We are sure that a large for the Divine blessing to rest on number of churches will this important mission. With that cordially and thankfully comply view, they suggest that meetings with this request.


tarriages and Deaths.




April 21, at Belvoir-street chapel, Leicester, Mr. Samuel Davis Pochin,

April 27, at Barrowden, Ellen, eldest son of the late Mr. Pochin, to the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mary Jane Parker, eldest daughter Mrs. Thomas Swift, in the 19th year of Mr. W. Parker, Haymarket, of her age.

She had been con. Leicester.

nected with the church nearly four April 23, at March, by Rev. T. T. years and a half, has adorned her Wilson, Mr. James Smith, Reading, profession, and was much esteemed to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. John by all who knew her. Abbott.

April 28, at Friar-lane chapel, May 16, at Nottingham, Emma, Leicester, by Rev. C. Clarke, B.A., the beloved wife of Edward of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. John Wilkinson, aged 52. Smith, builder, Packington, to Miss Martha Newton, eldest daughter of May 21st, at Bedwell Park, Sir Mr. Benjamin Thirlby, farmer, Culling Eardley, aged 58. The Stonehouse, Packington.

departed baronet was well known in April 30, at Leeds, by Rev. Jabez connection with the Evangelical Tunnicliffe, father of the bride, Mr. | Alliance. He was a liberal and Jobn Hutchinson, to Elizabeth godly member of the Episcopalian Tunnicliffe.

church, and a lover of good men.

Missionary Observer.

The Annual Committee Meeting of the Foreign Mission will be held at Nottingham, at half.past Five o'clock on Tuesday Afternoon, June 23rd. The Public Missionary Meeting will be held at Stoney-street Chapel, on Wednesday Evening, June 24th. John Heard, Esq., of Nottingham, has

kindly engaged to preside. SPECIAL NOTICE AS TO Funds.-All monies to be acknowledged in the forthcoming Report should be in the hands of the Treasurer or Secretary not later than Saturday, June 6th, after which date the books will be

closed for the Annual Audit of the Society's Accounts.


RECOLLECTIONS OF A TOUR, chairs, tables, &c., &c., and quickly IN THE JELLASORE DIS. made ourselves as comfortable as

circumstances would permit. This TRICT, NORTHERN ORISSA. arrangement was to me rather a

novel mode of commencing a missionary tour, because, down South

as Berhampore is denominated by The markets and villages we were the Oriyas north of Cuttack-we irtending to visit lay between Jella- have no such accommodation for sore and Midnapore and eastward of pilgrims in the villages pierced by the main road. As there were only the main road. There is a building three horses and four of us, we each here and there called in Oriya walked by turn, and found the ex- “ Dharma Sallah,” erected by a ercise rather pleasant than other- rich and often profligate merit-seekwise, it being often excessively ing hindoo with a heart as cold as a wearying to remain in the saddle glacier, where the pilgrims are many hours together, the horse housed together more like swine only making four miles per hour. than human beings, and where there This snail's pace has to be endured are usually infinite specimens of rather than enjoyed, from the the insect tribe, who do not fail to necessity of having our syces or levy a heavy percentage on the wayhorse keepers with us. A good worn pilgrim who delivers his body gallop ahead wouldoften be indulged up to their tender mercies for one in with the object of shaking one night. I slept in one once! An self up a little, and resuscitating English pig-stye, with a bundle of cramped limbs, were not the roads clean straw thrown in, would be a and byeways we generally have to palace compared with such haunts traverse so unquestionably bad as to of vermin. Our accommodation was make such a shaking far too literal however far superior and not to be to be enjoyable. In the evening despised. The shed was in shape we reached a village named Ránee not unlike a waggon hovel, was Saria, where we intended spending well-protected with a substantial the following day (the Sabbath), roof, was clean underfoot, and very and attending a large market. Here acceptable. It swarmed with large we found our garries ahead of us, real Calcutta musquitoes – the and taking possession of a shed, merry hum of their wings falling generally used by pilgrims on their not at all unmusically upon the ear way to Pooree, we unpacked beds, I could it have been divested of the





blood-thirsty association. Here we readiness to abuse and lie, to the spent a bappy Sabbath. In the missionary is a melancholy fact. morning before breakfast we held a We formed ourselves into two prayer-meeting in another sbed, the parties and for upwards of two duplicate of our own, which was hours engaged in widely occupied by our native preachers proclaiming the truth as it is in and those native christians who Jesus. We left on the following completed establishment of morning for another village to the coolies-garrymen, &c. Numbers eastward of the Calcutta road, where of the heathen living in the villages we expected to pitch our tents and stood in the verandah and round the commence in good earnest our campdoor during the service and ap- ing life. Several suggestions were peared interested and pleased with made by the villagers and our own what they heard and saw, but were native brethren as to the road it rather curious to know where the would be advisable for us to take. God was were worshipping, It was rumoured a bridge crossing being unable fully to grasp the idea a deep stream in our line of march of paying homage to a Being in- had been swept away by the late visible. The meeting was a hallowed heavy rains, and that the possibility

of communion with our of getting the garries across was a Master, and the touching simplicity bare one. There was another route of several of the prayers did much to the village, but it was a much towards preparing our hearts for longer one; accordingly on being the after engagements of the day. assured all the reports were false Surrounded with wondering idola. by, a party of men who had, they ters, and within hearing distance of acknowledged, crossed the bridge the dong dong from the village the evening previous, we sent on temple near, where the gong was the garries and prepared quickly to being beaten to break the slumbers follow them in order that we might of their stone god Mábádäb, we be on the spot to assist in the event could not refrain from contrasting of our services being required. the vile and debasing tendencies of Rumours are not always without. bindooism with the pure and ele- foundation, and so it proved in our vating exercise in which we were experience. On reaching the nullah engaged. There is indeed a mighty we found the bridge gone and while gulf between the religion of the stream neither broad, Krushna and the religion of Christ. strong, nor deep, the sides were

The market visited in the after- very steep, and the bed of the river noon was held in the centre of a mud, and that to a considerable large village, and differed materially depth, which precluded the possifrom our Southern markets in the bility of crossing by fording. The number of women present, they bank higher up and lower down was counting nearly two-thirds of the examined, but no other way could whole gathering. And, as the be found; the alternative therefore daughters of Orissa are proverbially was-crossing where we stood or skilled in the use of their tongues going the whole distance back to the hubbub arising from their jab- the village we had left and starting bering “patties as the natives again the following morning on the designate the whole machinery for other route. We saw our advisers articulation - was greater in an had willingly led us astray, and equal ratio. I certainly never heard this conviction coupled with the such an uproar in any other market arrival of a government official from in India. In their estimation it a but hard by, who with the non-, no doubt had its advantages, they chalance and irritating impudence thinking it impossible to make a of native officials in general, degood bargain without a liberal_use manded toll for the use of the of tongue in lies and abuse. This bridge, did not in any way add to


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