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Notes of the Month-General.

311 has accepted the vacant chair. One Germany.-France has at last reof the first of four new Baptist joiced over the subjugation of chapels to be built in London has Mexico. One ominous thing occurred been opened. Sir Morton Peto offers on the entrance of the French army to give £5,000, half the amount into that city--the clerical party which the four chapels will cost-openly fraternised with the soldiers. providing the Baptist Building Fund We fear, from past experience, that will advance the rest. It is greatly this bodes ill for the liberties of the to be wished that we had other men people.—Madagascar has strangled among us likeminded with the herKing, Radama. He seems to have worthy baronet.The sixth Trien- become the victim of the grossest nial Conference of the German intemperance and profligacy. The Baptists has recently held its first' queen has ascended the sittings, but the particulars have throne, and has promised full liberty not yet been published in this of worship to all Europeans in the country.

country. The proposal to make GENERAL.

Mr. Ellis first bishop of the island The chief topic of the hour is originated, we now learn, with the what reply will the Three Powers, Bishop of Cape Town.-The latest England, France, and Austria-send news from America reports what to the Russian note ? Gortschakoff appears like a decided gain to the has refused point-blank their joint Federal arms. Meade, the sixth request that an armistice be granted. general appointed since the outbreak Political seers consider that the in- of the civil war two years ago, has crease in the Russian army to its shown himself to be a man of deeds standard before the Crimean war, rather than of words. Three days the unusual activity in Cronstadt after he succeeded Hooker he enand other ports, the prohibition countered the Southern army under of corn exports, and the basty General Lee, at Gettysburg. The expulsion from Russia of all first two days left the Federals Frenchmen employed on railways worsted, but on the third day or public works, together with the General Lee retired in good order tone of the Russian note, and its toward the Potomac, which he has effect upon the English money since re-crossed. The losses on both market-forbode war. The Polish sides were enormous. More than National Government derisively re- 20,000 were killed and wounded. ject the 'six points.' Rumour says Meanwhile 'Vicksburg has been that the astute and imperturbable taken by the Federals, and Fort Emperor of the French, on reading Judson, and Charlestown is again the Russian reply, broke out into threatened. The North is exultant, the most petulant and even angry and predicts the speedy end of the exclamations. While wishing well war. God in His infinite mercy to the Poles, we ardently pray that grant that this end may be hastened! Europe may be saved from a general A most disgraceful riot broke out war. Parliament is to be prorogued in New York on the attempted en. at the end of this month (July), forcement of the conscription draft. previous to the Queen's visit to The City was at the mercy of King

Mob for two whole days. The in- | upon a high rope in Aston Park, near stigators were what the Times calls Birmingham; the rope broke; she the ‘Peace Democrats. Many lives fell, and was killed instantly. The have been lost, and many houses saddest part of the story is—that destroyed by fire. The poor Negroes she was enciente, and that the people, have been killed like flies. More evidently brutalized by exhibitions than 200 have been butchered, and whose chief attraction consists in one was actually hung up after his their danger,wenton with their dance death, and roasted to a cinder! and merrymakings as if nothing had Even the orgies of the French Re- happened! It is really time that volution reveal nothing so inhuman. public opinion, or Parliament, put The mob at one time numbered an end to such disgraceful amuse15,000. Many of them were Irish. ments. They are, in our judgment, The newspapers tell us that England not one whit better than Spanish is now at war with Japan, but the bull fights, or ancient gladiatorial

needs confirmation. Two combats. Unless such scenes as the deaths have occurred from imita- one at Aston Park come to a pertions of Blondin during this month. petual end, we must no longer speak The last was most shocking. A exclusively of men rope-dancer calling herself Madame Genieve, was walking blindfolded

Butchered to make a Roman holiday.'


Marriages and Deaths.



July 14, at St. Clement's chapel,

Norwich, by Rev. J. A. Wheeler, June 25, at King-street chapel, Mr. John Glendenning, of St. Bristol, Rev. W. H. McMechan, Stephen's in that city, to Elizabeth missionary to North China, to Mary, younger daughter of the late Octavia, youngest daughter of J.M. Rev. Thomas Scott, of Thorpe Chandler, Esq., Surgeon, Bristol. Hamlet, Norwich.

June 30, at Wood-gate chapel, July 23, at Archdeacon - lane Loughborough, by Rev. J.J. Goadby, chapei, Leicester, by the Rev. J. J. of Leicester, assisted by Rev. Giles Goadby, John Broadhead, to Emma, Hester, of Loughborough, Mr. third daughter of Mr. Russell, Richard Henry Wells, of Coventry, builder, Leicester. to Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. J. Goadby.

DEATHS. July 1, at Union chapel, Highbury, by Rev. E. Paxton Hood, June 7, at Leicester, Mr. John Rev.J. F. Stevenson, B.A., Reading, Horsepool, aged 65. Berks., to Matilda Boyle, eldest June 13, at Mr. Sherman's, Stretdaughter of G. H. Davis, LL.D., ton - on - Dunsmore, near Rugby, secretary of the Religious Tract Samuel Knowles Andrews, youngest Society.

son of the late Mr. W. Andrews, July 7, at the General Baptist of Chesham, aged four years and chapel, Friar-lane, Leicester, by the eleven months. Rev. J. C. Pike, Susan Fanny, June 18, at Geneva, Dr. Gaussen, youngest daughter of Mr. J. F. an eminent Protestant writer and Winks, Rutland Street, to Mr. preacher, William Ashby, of Leicester.

Missionary Obseruer.


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Tine Rev. G. Taylor, writing from access in the schools ? I firmly be. Pooree, says;-One Sabbath morning lieve that if Government itself jast as we were all about to meet raised no objections and expressed for worship in the bungalow, I was no fears on the subject, the students visited by a Bengali youth belonging would take it as a matter of course. to the Government school, and a It is not the Bible only that clashes very interesting interview I had with and flatly contradicts the with him. He spoke English with hindoo shastres. Every scientific a good degree of fluency, and ap- work that forms a class book in the peared altogether an interesting schools is equally opposed to the character. One object of his coming science and religion of the hindoos. was to obtain a copy of the English Nor is the practice of thus reading Bible. He moreover, informed me the Bible in their little gatherings that some five or six of his school. confined to a few youths of the fellows, and among them the son of Pooree Government school, as the the superintendent of police, were following related to me by Dunai, in the habit of meeting in a private will serve to show. The circumroom secretly, for the purpose of stance occurred nearly twelve months reading the Bible and preaching ago, but as it has never been reabout Jesus Christ. On my asking ported by our brethren at Cuttack, him how they conducted the service and as it bears so near a relation to which he referred, he replied, to the

preceding incident, I "they begin by singing a hymn, venture to relate it here. 'As I after which they bow down their was going to the bazaar one evenheads for a little while and say ing. observed Dunai, “I met a something, and then they sit up and Bengali youth of about fourteen read and discuss about Jesus Christ.” years of age, who addressed me He said he had not been to the place saying, 'whither are you going, for bimself, nor could I induce him to preaching?' I replied, yes friend, discover to me their place of meet- and what subject would you like me ing. It is most likely that a youth to preach about? He replied, 'to who came to Shem the other night preach on the subject of christianity is one of this little company. One is acceptable, but to hear of Christ cannot of course tell by what motives I dislike.' I said how is this, you these youths are actuated; still it is love the family of a house, but not å most pleasing and hopeful circum- the head-the father of the family: stance in my opinion, that they are He inquired, "Is Christ my father? induced to read the Bible at all, es. No never. I know the supreme pecially in so dark a "den of in. God is my Father and Creator.' iquity" as Pooree. Do not such Yes I added, but He is the same, incidents strikingly show the utter Christ and God are one, there is no groundlessness of the fears enter. difference save in the name. He tained by Government as to the then asked, “is Christ God? What results of introducing into its schools are the evidences that He is divine?' the “Word of Life? It is evident I said, Ist, the attributes ascribed that the students who can get a copy to Him, as eternity, omnipotence, read it with delight and interest. omnipresence, &c; these are divine Why then should it not be free of attributes, 2nd, as to the works as.

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cribed to Him. He is called Creator | A PICTURE FROM ECCLESI.
and Preserver of all things. And ASTICAL ANTIQUITY.
then in the days of His incarnation
in the world, His Godhead was DR. VAUGHAN, AT
proved by the miracles He wrought. MEETING OF THE LONDON MISSIONARY
He bealed diseases of the body with
a word; He cast out devils; He I think there is no need for me to
raised the dead. He is absolute feel any hesitation in saying that
Lord of all the laws of nature; the history of our Mission in Mada-
winds and seas obey His word. gascar presents one of those pictures
We have also further evidence, from so fraught with pathos, with beauty,
His foretelling future events, having and with meaning, that I scarcely
the power to forgive sins, His know where, in the whole range of
knowing and searching the hearts, church history, to find another scene
&c., &c. The young man here that could well be compared with it.
inquired, 'where are these evidences Certainly, to find anything like it,
written?' I replied, in the holy it is needful that we should go far
Bible. “Is the Bible so creditable ?' back into the past, and get to the
he asked, oh yes, I added, it is the very threshhold of apostolic times.
Word of the great God, and holy When the apostle Paul dwelt, as he
men have written it through the tells us, in his own hired house at
inspiration of His Spirit. "I read Rome, there was a spot about two
your Bible frequently, but am not miles from Rome, on the side of
convinced of this. I remarked, ah, what was called the Appian Way,
you read it by mouth only. 'No,' where you might have seen a large
said he, 'I have digested it.' I said number of slave labourers at work.
but there appears no evidence of These slave labourers were employed
your having digested it, I know and in getting sand from the vast sub-
have experienced that the sincere terranean region in that neighbour-
reading of the Bible is not fruitless. hood-sand which was to be em-
He replied, how can this be? I ployed in extending the buildings of
don't read it alone, but many of my Rome, or in forming cement for that
rich friends who are wiser and purpose ; for Rome was then spread-
better educated in English know. ing in all directions, very much as
ledge, come here frequently and London is spreading now, and had
read it, but they dont say the Bible is been spreading for a long time.
such a book. It may be, said I, they But towards the close of the first
are wiserand more proficient scholars century the city of Rome had reached
in English knowledge; yea they her climax. Building having ceased,
might possess all worldly know- these sand regions were deserted.
ledge, and yet apart from the help They remained open and accessible
of the Spirit of God, they would for a long period; but in process of
not be able to realize the power and time one access after another was
preciousness of the sacredScriptures. covered over, and then for fully a
To which he replied, 'I am sorry thousand years those who passed
for this, but what do you advise me and repassed along that Appian Way
to do that I may understand them?' had no idea of the vast subterranean
I said when you go to read the Bible, regions, mapped out in caves, and
pray God through Christ's name to streets, and open places, that lay
give you the help of His Spirit, and under the surface of that district.
if you can invite a christian, even But about 300 years ago it chanced
though a poor illiterate man, and that a portion of the surface was
get him to teach you to understand broken through; one of the avenues
the meaning of the Word, which he lay exposed, persons began to explore
will well be able to do, it may be the newly-discovered regions, and
the means of the salvation of your you have to picture to yourselves
soul. Farewell."

men going with torches through

A Picture from Ecclesiastical Antiquity.


those winding lanes and along those some of the letters written on them intricate labyrinths underground. are scratched in a rude fashion, and The first thing that attracts the at. even the Latin is not always gram, tention of the explorers is the apo matical-these christian signs, I pearance of a great number of say, clearly point to the fact that tablets, some being on the sand many of those who are described as walls, others on the floor. On these having suffered martyrdom for the tablets they see christian emblems. truth, and others who are mentioned There, too, they find christian as having passed through deep tribunames; there they find written lation on account of their religious christian sentiments, some of them profession, belonged to the humbler beautifully expressive of the simple classes of the people. Yes, they Gospel of Christ. And among the were people, it may be, of small signs which mark the remote knowledge but of strong faith; they antiquity of these christian relics is were people with mental developthis, that there is no reference there ment on a very limited scale, but to the worship of the Virgin, no deep down in their spiritual nature allusion to prayers for the dead, not there was a special consciousness of a trace of the doctrines distinctive divine truth and a special devoted. of modern Romanism. But how ness to God; they were babes in the did these things come there? The church of Christ, to whom were rehistory of the matter is this. During vealed the things which are often the first three centuries, when per- hidden from the wise and prudent. secution swept again and again over There you see them, then ; and can that great city, the poor flock of anything be conceived more beautiChrist, scared from its home, fled ful for the christian to look upon for a time into the dark and intricate than those antique tablets, which recesses of those regions. There, take us back to the first and second in some of the open spaces, there centuries, where you read the name are now signs which show that these so-and-so, with the words “Faithful vast sand caves were used for public unto death,” and then another name worship; and you have to picture with “Sleeping in Jesus,” and then to yourselves gathered together another with “Departed in the faith,' down in that dark region men and and then another with “ Gone above women, old and young, the man of the stars ?” In those short simple grey hairs and the young mother utterances is there not something with her infant at her breast, and really touching and beautiful ? Do the light of those lamps and torches we not all feel, as we hear them, dropping down upon those figures, that the people to whom those inand then passing off into the deep scriptions refer are of us? Although darkness of the chasms far away. we have never seen them, are we Before them stands the christian not conscious that they had our pastor. There they are worshipping. hearts? Well, now, I think I have They must worship; as God's people, given you a picture from ecclesithey have been made to feel that to astical antiquity, which is the most be a necessity of their nature. It beautiful one that ecclesiastical an. is like the water of the well of tiquity can furnish, as illustrative of Bethlehem to the lips of the dying the simpler and more vital forms of David; they must have it or they the religion of Christ. And now die ; and there you see them ex- what I wish to say is this, that I see posed to the peril of death that they nothing in the touching and beautiful might worship God. Now, many records which have been preserved of these persons buried their dead by that church in the sand caveswhen assembled for worship; and "the church of the Catacombs, the tablets which were placed on it has been called that will not be the walls and the inlets-many of found to bave come up anew in them of a very rude description, connection with your Missions in



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