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185 5. That this Conference inform the SHORE, Yorkshire.-On Good Friday, relatives of our departed and very highly March 25, our minister, the Rev. Thomas esteemed Miss Ibbotson of our gratitude Gill, baptized fourteen believers. The on hearing from the treasurer of the day being fine, there was a large pumber Home Mission that he has received the of spectators. After the baptism tea sum of £90, being the £100 (excepting was provided in the school-room, and legacy duty) bequeathed to the Home after tea an interesting and profitable Mission.

meeting was held in the chapel. The 6. That we most cordially welcome newly baptized, after an impressive and the Rev. Mr. Leigh, of Clayton, into suitable address from the pastor, were this Conference and district.

received into the church. The meeting 7. That the next Conference be held was also addressed by the Rev. William at Queensbury on Whit-Tuesday, and Salter, and Messrs. Joseph Crabtree, that Rev. Mr. Leigh, of Clayton, preach William Gill, James Cunliffe, William in the morning.

Law, John Crabtree, John Greenwood, 0. HARGREAVES, Secretary. and Thomas Greenwood. During the

past two years sixty-three persons have THE CHESHIRE CONFERENCE was held been baptized and received into this at Audlem on Tuesday, April 5th. The church. Two other candidates were Rev. Thos. Clark, Baptist minister, of received, but were obliged to postpone Market Drayton, opened the morning their baptism on account of bodily indisservice, and the secretary preached from position. Phil. i. 18.

Louty, Walker-gate. — Feb. 7, one The brethren met for business in the brother was baptized, who has recently afternoon, when the Rev. R. Pedley was been brought to Christ, though for many called to occupy the chair. After read- years a hearer of the word. March 27, ing the reports of the churches, it was five others put on Christ by baptism. stated that since last Conference the A widow who has for many years worRev. J. B. Lockwood had entered upon shipped with us-a young woman trained his labours as the pastor of the church in our Sabbath school—a daughter of at Nantwich. Resolved:

praying parents who are already united 1. That the business connected with with us a young man and a believing the chapel at Nantwich be left in the mother, lately brought to rejoice in hands of the committee appointed at our Christ Jesus. last Conference.

Nottingham, Stoney Street. On 2. That the rules proposed for the Lord's-day, April 3, we baptized eleven management of our Chapel Building candidates, after a sermon by Mr. Lewitt, Fund be considered again at our next and in the afternoon of the same day Conference.

they were fully received into the fellow. 3. That we request Mr. Jos. Aston ship of the church, with a number of to act as treasurer for the Chapel Build- other friends who had been baptized on ing Fund.

the same day at our branch chapel of 4. That the church at Nantwich be Prospect Place. Additional interest was recommended for reception at the next felt in the latter, inasmuch as it was the Association.

first baptism administered there. B. Y. 5. That our next Conference be held

STALYBRIDGE.-On Sunday, Feb. 21, at Tarporley on the first Tuesday in October, and that the Rev. W. Taylor Rev. Wm. Salter, and in the afternoon

one young man was baptized by the be the preacher. 6. That the thanks of this Conference was received into the fellowship of the

church. be given to the secretary for his sermon in the morning.

QUEENSBURY.-On Lord's-day, April JAMES MADEN, Secretary.

10, Mr. Hardy baptized five persons,

and on Feb. 15 one. BAPTISMS.

PETERBOROUGH. - On Lord's-day, COVENTRY. On Sunday, April 3, April 3, one candidate was baptized by eight friends put on Christ by baptism Mr. Barrass, and received into the church. six of them were from the Sabbath ASHBY-DE-LA-Zouch.—March 27th, school. In the evening they were re- seven persons were baptized by the ceived into the fellowship of the church. pastor.

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Leicester, Dover Street.-On Lord's. PETERBOROUGH. On Lord's-day, day, March 20, the chapel anniversary April 10, the Rev. B. 0. Bendall, of sermons were preached, in the morning Stamford, preached twice, to good con

and evening by the Rev. James Martin, gregations, in the General Baptist cliapel, B.A., of Nottingham, and in the afterWestgate. On the following day the Rev. noon by the Rev. J. A. Picton, M.A. Francis Tucker, of London, preached in A tea-meeting was held on Easter Mon

A the afternoon, in the above chapel, and day, which was well attended. in the evening in the Assembly Room, spirited effort was made towards reWentworth Street. The attendance was

ducing the chapel debt. On Tuesday exceedingly gratifying, and the services, evening, April 19, Rev. W. Landels, of ou both days, interesting and profitable. Regent's Park chapel, preached, when a At balf-past five considerably more than collection was made towards the same two hundred persons sat down to an

object. ample and well arranged tea in the

Kirton LINDSEY.-On Good Friday Assembly Room. The amount realized,

we had our annual tea meeting, wben after payment of all expenses, was

upwards of one hundred sat down to tea £20 16s. 1d. This sum will be applied

in the schoolroom. Afterward addresses to the formation of a fund for providing

were delivered in the chapel by Mr. W. increased chapel and school accommoda- Copeman, Wesleyan, Mr. G. Wakefield, tion, which is much needed pow.

Primitive, Rev. W. Rowe, Baptist mine BERKHAMPSTEAD.-On Good Friday deacons, and Mr. Stapleton, our minis.

ister, of Wrawby, J. Parkin, one of the a most spirited meeting was held in the

ter. Town Hall in aid of our new chapel attentive.

The congregation was large and movement. Trays were gratuitously

COLLEGE. furnished, and nearly three hundred sat down to tea. After tea appropriate ad- The Treasurer begs to acknowledge the dresses were delivered to a crowded following, and will feel greatly obliged if assembly by the Revs. C. Bailhache, the friends will kindly favour bim with W. Chapman, I. Preston, and H. C. their collections and subscriptions as Leonard, M.A. J. Lawton, the pastor, soon as convenient. He also hopes the presided, and gave a very encouraging friends will enable bim to acknowledge report of the pecuniary efforts of the a good many sums on Purchase Account friends during the past year. Including in the June Magazine. the sum realized by the bazaar held in

General Account. £ July last, the years receipts amount to Rent of Sherwood Rise

35 0 0 about £260, thus raising the funds in Rents of Cottages

11 4 4 hand to £500. It was stated that an Loughborough, Wood Gate .... 10 00 endeavour will be made to commence Stoke-on Trent

4 60 building the new edifice this spring. Bradford .

3 3 0 The style chosen is the Gothic. The Nottingham, Stoney Street.-In March architect, Jos. Neal, Esq., of Bristol, is collections were made on behalf of the engaged professionally in the erection of fonds of our College, after sermons by three other Baptist chapels in this neigh- Rev. T. Stevenson of Leicester. Amount, bourhood. The proceeds of the tea and £10 2s.

B. Y. collection amounted to £18. L. B. LEICESTER, Archdeacon Lane.

MISCELLANEOUS. Lord's-day, April 17, the annual ser- Sheffield.- On Easter Tuesday a mons on behalf of the Sabbath School public tea meeting was held to inauguwere preached; in the afternoon by the rate the Tract aud Christian Instruction Rev. J. A. Picton, M.A., and in the Society recently formed in connection evening by the Rev. Johnson Barker. with Cemetery Road Chapel. Rev. H. Collections over £32.

Asbbery, President of the Society, occu. STALYBRIDGE.—On Lord's-day, March pied the chair, and addresses of a very 27th, two sermons were preached by cordial character were made by the Rev. the Rev. Charles Clark, of Halifax, Brewin Grant and other friends. It after which collections were made in appeared from the report and other behalf of the Trust Funds, amounting statements that some thousands of per. to £22 lls. 10d.

sons had been visited and conversed

S. D.

Other Congregational Churches,

187 with since the formation of the Society, congregation in the most enthusiastic about forty children brought to the terms to a lady who has generously asschool, and several permanent additions sisted in sustaining the church from its made to the congregation. The facts commencement, and has rendered valelicited at the meeting induced a gentle. uable aid by a large contribution. man, a perfect stranger to the congrega- Houghton Regis, Bed3.— The new tion, to promise two guineas per annum Baptist chapel at Houghton Regis was to the society, and other friends pro- opened on Thursday, April 7. In the mised to become subscribers. It was morning the Rev. W. Robinson, of Camfelt by all present to be one of the best bridge, preached from Gen. xxii. 12. meetings we have had for years. The subject discussed was Divine fore

HUGGLESCOTE Baptist Day School. knowledge in reference to the develop-The examination of the children of ment of human cbaracter. In the afterthis school was held in the Baptist chapel noon the Rev. C. Bailhache delivered a on Friday, March 25. The children discourse upon Psalm cxviii. 25, in wbich acquitted themselves well. At five o'clock he distinguished between a true and a the friends took tea together, the trays false prosperity. In the evening the being gratuitously provided by the ladies Rev. J. H. Hinton took for his text and friends of the General Baptist con- Heb. vi. 20, “Whither the Forerunner gregation. The proceeds were appro- hath for us entered, even Jesus.” The priated to the school. In the evening congregation was a crowded one; and the Rev. J. Salisbury delivered a lecture the singing of the last hymn testified to on “ Forethought." The attendance was the deep impression produced by the more numerous than on any previous sermon. The Revs. D. Gould, H. occasion.

H.C. B. Leonard, M. A., and T. Hands, took part

in the services. Dinner and tea were Other Congregational Churches. provided in the school-room, to the lat

ter of which a large number sat down.

The sum of £45 was collected. STAFFORD.-The foundation-stone of CHELTENHAM.-A public recognition the new Baptist chapel in this town was service on the settlement of the Rev. J. laid on Easter Monday. At half-past E. Cracknell as pastor of the Baptist ten the ceremony was commenced by the church, Cambray, Cheltenham, was held Rev. W. H. Cornish, the pastor. The on Monday, April 4. The Rev. Thomas Rev. W. Jackson, of Bilston, read the Haynes took the chair, and congratulated 84th Psalm, and condacted the devo- the church on their progress, and their tional part of the services; after which unanimity in the choice of the present J. H. Hopkins, Esq., of Birmingham, pastor as successor to the late respected adjusted the stone into its proper place, Rev. James Smith. Addresses were and delivered a very interesting and ap- also delivered by the Rev. Messrs. propriate address. The Rev. S. B. McPherson, of the Scotch Church, Dr. Brown, B.A., of Salford, and Mr. J. Brown, E. B. Smith (Wesleyan), W. G. Brown, the senior deacon, also delivered Lewis, J. Sargent, and the new pastor. congratulatory addresses. The Dox- A resolution of thanks to the chairman ology was then sung; and the friends for his presidency on the occasion, and retired to the school-room, in which for his sympathy and help during the luncheon had been provided ; after which illness of the late pastor, was carried Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Brown again ad- unanimously. The prospects of the dressed the meeting. At five o'clock church are highly encouraging. the tables were spread for tea. The Bow.-Services in connexion with the room was soon crowded in every part. settlement of the Rev. J. H. Blake (late After tea Mr. J. Brown was called on of Sandhurst) as pastor of the church to preside. Valuable and interesting meeting here, were held on Thursday, addresses were delivered by the Revs. March 31. The Rev. W. A. Blake, of G. W. White (Wesleyan New Connex- Shouldham Street, opeued the meeting ion); Davis, of Smethwick (Inde- with prayer; the Rev. C. Woollacott pendent); W. Jackson, of Bilston ; W. gave an address on “Protestant NonconH. Cornish; and Messrs. Rudge, E. formity"; the Rev. J. A. Spurgeon on Lovett, and J. T. Evans. A vote of “Christian Love"; the Rev. W. Stott thanks was then given by the church and lon “The duty of the church to the world." The Rev. G. W. Fishbourne | chairman gave a short sketch of the and other ministers took part in the ser- progress of the church from its formation vice. The Rev. W. P. Balfern presided, two years ago, and reported on the Saband gave suitable advice to the church. bath-schools, Bible-classes, district meetOn the following Wednesday evening a ings, Dorcas society, and other operations. sermon was preached by the Rev. F. What had been done, however, he looked Tucker, B.A.

upon as only indications of greater things Leeds, South Parade Chapel.—This to be accomplished, now that the church building, which has been closed since had got into working order. A chapelthe 1st of February, was again used for building fund had just been commenced, divine service on Lord's-day, April 10, the result of which he hoped would be, when sermons were preached, in the that they would be able to meet, ere morning by the Rev. J. Makepeace, of long, in a building “simple but beautiful, Bradford, and in the evening by the like the Gospel which will be preached Rev. Robert Newton Young, to large in it.” In the course of the evening one congregations. The alterations made of the office-bearers presented Mr. Bould. include the re-pewing of the body of the ing with “Dr. Smith's Dictionary of the chapel, a better system of lighting, the Bible,” in three large volumes, together erection of a new organ, the improve- with a purse of sovereigns. One of the ment of the Sunday school accommoda- volumes bore the following inscription: tion, and general decoration of the inte- -“Presented to the Rev. J. W. Bouldrior and painting of the exterior. The ing by members of the Bath Street Bapworks have been executed under the tist church and congregation, Glasgow, superintendence of Mr. W. Hill, archi- as a token of respect and appreciation of tect, of Albion-street, at a total cost of his ministry.” The meeting was after£1,078. To meet tbis the friends con-wards addressed by most of the gentlenected with the place have subscribed men above named. £847, and the sale of the small organ

MISCELLANEOUS. previously used and of the pewing, &c., has realised £79; leaving about £150 to NONCONFORMIST DEFENCE ASSOCIAbe met by the opening services and fur- TION.- A few gentlemen met together ther contributions. Towards this amount at the Queen's Hotel, Manchester, on the sum of £30 was collected on the Wednesday, March 30th, and resolved Sunday named. On Tuesday evening, to form a fund of £20,000 for the the new organ was formally opened, purpose of rendering assistance to those when Mr. Wm. Holt, of Leeds, the districts where Nonconformists were builder, presided at the instrument, and pressed into contests on the Cburch displayed its powers to great advantage. rate question. It was stated at the The selection of music included many meeting that the Church party had favourite pieces, and was exceedingly determined to insist on levying Charch well received. The collection at the close rates in every district where they of the musical performance amounted believed they could do so successfully. to £16. The services were continued Instances were mentioned of two places on Thursday evening, when the Rev. W. where contests had been carried on by Landels, of London, preached an able Dissenters, but where they were not sermon: last Sunday, when sermons very well able to raise all the necessary were preached by the Revs. W. Best, expenses. The meeting unanimously B.A. (pastor), and E. R. Conder, M.A. resolved on forming an association to be

Bath STREET, GLASGOW.—The an- called “The Nonconformist Defence Asnual soirée of this church was held on sociation," and the gentlemen present Tuesday, April 12, in the Scottish Ex- subscribed, in a few minutes, upwards hibition Rooms. Mr. Boulding, the pas- of £3,000 towards the fund. A partor, occupied the chair, and was sup- liamentary and a finance committee were ported by the Rev. Messrs. Alex. Mac- appointed before the meeting separated. leod, Medhurst, Glover, Field, Dr. H. BAPTISM OF AN INDEPENDENT MINISSinclair Patterson, Dr. James Patterson, TER.-On Wednesday, March 30, the H. Batchelor, and several office-bearers Rev A. Tanner was baptized by the of the church. There was a large at- Rev. R. P. Macmaster, at Counterslip tendance of friends from the various Chapel, Bristol. Previously to being churches in the town. After tea, the baptized, Mr. Tanner gave a very

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earnest, impressive, and appropriate ad- invitation from a Baptist church with a dress in explanation of his change of view to the pastorate; and applications views and practice in reference to the may be made through_Mr. Macmaster, ordinance of baptism. In consequence Bristol, or direct to Rev. A. Tanner, of this change Mr. Tanner is open to an Portishead, near Bristol.


Mrs. GOODALL departed this life, Dec. 14, were made to feel. Not merely her family 1863. Her memory will be embalmed in affection, but also her love for those whom the heart of those who have known and she judged faithful in the Lord, was strong loved her, as long as their memory retains and unvarying. This warm heart, whose its hold; nor will it perish from the minds affections were thus fixed on worthy ob. of their children. " Blessings," including jects, had its reward, for hers was a happy the blessing of the Lord, and the benedic spirit. She passed through many sore tions of the righteous, " are upon the head troubles with rare resignation, and through of the just" whilst they live; and “the all held fast the rejoicing of her hope unto memory of the just is blessed.”

the end. Her nature was keenly sensitive, It is thought that a record of the long and though she felt the griefs of life and consistent course of one who walked acutely, still, in the midst of them all, she by faith in the unseen Lord, while gratify- was calm and hopeful. ing to her family connections, may be During the last two years of her life her profitable to others also, by holding out a infirmities induced her to seek an asylum persuasive motive to “live soberly, righte- in the home of a kind daughter at Sheffield, ously, and godly, in the present world; where her death took place at the date belooking for that blessed hope.”

fore mentioned. The solemn close of life Mrs. Sarah Goodall, widow of the late was ushered in by severe suffering; but Mr. John Goodall, surgeon, of Epworth, her ruling habit of seeing in all that befel Isle of Axholme, in the northern part of her the will of the Most High, standing Lincolnshire, who died in 1850, was the towards her in the relation of a Father, daughter of the late Mr. William Anderson, was strong in death, and she endured her & farmer of the same place, who departed suffering in the faith of this, and in the this life, Nov. 9, 1798, at the age of 75. patience of hope for a near deliverance. Mr. Anderson appears to bave been a A sympathetic Saviour, whom she trusted principal contributor to the building of the and loved, succoured her in her trial, and original General Baptist chapel at Epworth, her faith failed not. erected in 1769. Sarah, his daughter, was During the forty and nine years that the born, March 24, 1774. Her age, therefore, writer of this short memoir has been in was 89 years and nine months. She was the office of minister of the Word, he has married to Mr. Goodall, in 1800, and be never met with one who manifested a more came the mother of nine children, two of simple and childlike reliance upon Jesus whom died in infancy.

Christ for all that He, of God, is made to Mrs. Goodall was baptized at Epworth, them that believe, a more devoted love to Oct. 3, 1813, and continued through life His name, and a more sure and stedfast attached to the principles of the General hope of eternal life, than, to his judgment, Baptist denomination. Nevertheless, dur- were manifest in the late Mrs. Goodall. ing the years from 1836 to 1847, whilst And as he is not one of her family, nor yet residing at Rotherham, Mr. Goodall being connected with that Christian denominaat that time connected with the Dispensary tion of which she lived and died a memin that town, she communed with the ber, his judgment has some claim to imParticular Baptists, there being no General partiality. Baptists in the place.

The Christian's hope, bearing the characDuring the fifty years of her christian ter of “sure and stedfast," is founded not course, Mrs. Goodall maintained an un-on a consciousness of merit, but on the deviating consistency. Her faith, and strength of the promises of God; neverhope, and love, shone out in her whole theless this full assurance of hope, it is every day life. Warmly devout, upright, important to observe, is uniformly conand intelligent, her religion was not blind nected with unequivocal christian characfeeling, nor the assumption of piety un. ter, and with carefulness to maintain good sustained by strict integrity. Hers was a works. And such, it is but just to say, loveable and loving spirit. She certainly was the character of the late Mrs. Goodall. loved much, as all who associated with her Wisbech.

R. R.

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