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happy to him at least; but her attentions were osnally received with coldness il noc with rudeness; and sometimes she was even repelled with insult.

Meara had bee!i associated with a party during the insurrection of the previous winter who had committed a robbery on a rich and respectable resident on the lands of lonistymon in the Com. ty of Clare. One of the party had been seized and was coinnisted to goal to stand his trial in the ensuing assizes. To prevent bis erning King's evidence and thus bei aying bis parly, it was aecessary 10 hold 11p to his viuse the prospect of support irom his friends; al the same time ihat should he be convicted or urn traitor, bouh Meaia and Shane Bue should fly without delay. To accom. plish these purposes, money was néc-ssary, and aller many and deep councils between the two villains a plan was laid for rubbing Noruli's father. To this however there were many difficulies. He always kept tiis noney concealed in a place kuown only to Norah and biiselt. Her assislauce was therefore indispensable. Meara knew that lo attempt 10 force or territy her would be useless and be bad acted with too much unkindness lately to rely much upon her affection for him.



However his deep and depraved mind sorn found a means. It was agreed on belleen him and Sullivan that is he cou'd prevail

to assis! in the robbery, the latter should take her in a boat across the river and disposing of her in the best way he could, meet his accomplice as Craltoe wood where be should receive bris share of the spoil. To this Sullivan consented to two reasons ; one was the opportunity which it afforded him of being revenged on Norah, and the other was the possession of the money he so long coveted. As for Meara, provided that he was delivered from her and obe tained the means of escape out of the country, he lelt fully satisfied.

He accordingly changed his manner towards his Mistress cautiously yet quickly; returning home peneinally at night and appearing to enjoy in her society the pleasure which he formerly professed, he soon perceived its cheering effects npon her. She was now decidedly pregnant, and she hoped that this returning kindness on his pari foreboded days of bappiness.

One evening in September he returned home earlier than usual and appeared thoughun. Alter ien he returned to Norali and puto ting his arm round her neck as she sæt brside bim, he said,

Norah, darling, I am afraid that your old father is likely to get into trouble about that money of his.'

Why so, Ned ?" said she, truly alarmed for her parent.

Why, the fact is, that I have been planning m my mind these three weeks how I could manage to have our wedding. But the fact of my want of money to pay for it has been a sad bindrance

If we do not manage the matter well and directly, it will

to me.




do us more harm than good, for it will only set their tongnes going. Now, Mr. Mom anois of Burally bus prounsed wo let us have it as his boust, seeing I have no place of my own to bring you 10, out of this, bui I must not let him siavd at a loss 80 I must have the money: Shane Buie and I have been planning to get the money out of the old man by toul meals, as we cannot by faire and we had lised on ww-Wiple for the robbery, never telling you any thing about it. But I liave been thiriking since ihai Luck is such a devil when his blood is up, that it the old man should make any noise, he would think nurbing or giving him a lap on ibe head ; so Norah what shall we do ?"

“ Ob Ned, Ned, save my poor old father! kill me, do any thing with me, sooner than lei blood be ou bis grey hairs ! I will do ang ibing-whisht may be I could get the money! How much do you want, Ned ?”

Oh, as to that, Norah ; it is not reckoning the money we could be at the time, we can restore him the difference afterwards !!

“ But how can I get at it?"

" Why, we have arranged already to make our entrance ; the only thing was tlje isk of disturbing the old man; if can avoid that, I will be back ajam in an hour and do you be ready when I call!"--and saying this the cold blooded villain left ber belure she bad time well to collect ber thoughts.

Left to herself, the current of her thoughts nearly overwhelmed her. The conflict between duly 10 a parent whose cold-hearted neglegt had wounded her feelings to the quiık, yei whom she tenderly loved. and the longing desire which she valurally tell to be lawfully married, was desperate in the extreme. Then she recurred to her lover; to his returning kindness; and to the joy of being the mos llier of lis child in lawiol wedlock. The money will be taken by. force is vol by quieness, and is it not my duty 10 save his life if I can ? said she io herselt as she pictured to her nind the procerding before her ; besides Ned says that he will give back the ditlerence if he'll say nothing about it! Ob father dear, it is not fbuis way I'd be now if you had been the father to me you onyht! huislı !-- said she drying up ber lears, and preparing herself for her companion's arrival." We arrived at the appointed time and met her, altho' in silence, yet with greater tepderuess than he had shewn for some tiine.

“ Thank you Edmund, and thank you galore for marrying your own fond Norab ;" said the simple bearied girl, throwing her arms round bis neck and kissing loimi wish such lenderness and simpli, city that ibe heart even of her seducer was for the munient shulen

" Yes ! Norab you shall be more happy after waçlany than ever you were !But come, 'tis late already.

The night was dark and fine, and warm for the time of the year. There was not a breath stirring and nothing was audible beyond

their own footsteps except the distant barkirg of some falchdog. Norah having collec:ed stich little articles as slie conceived proper io bring wiih her, she wrapped ibein closely mder her arm iu her cloak and followed Meara in silence. Leaving the village to theis rinkel, they proceeded cautionsly up the Glen until they diel Shape Buse about filly yards from thie duur.

“The top of the morning to you, Mrs. Meara, said he approacb. ing tbein; 'lis right proud I ain I see you so light and carty, I hupe you aren't afraid ma'm ; there's no danger iu lise; noi a taste, be repeated as she shrunk involuntarily from his side, “we'll do it quiet and easy and no harm 10 any prie breathing?"

In the meantime Meara was carefully reconnoitering the premises; and having whispered 10 Sullivan he lurped wo Nurul and asked in wbat part of the house the money lay.

“ He keeps it in a particular spue under the inside thatch just beyond the cup-board; but none of you could find it but my selt!"

“ Is he inside Jack ?" said Meara.

"Aye is he! wait till I try if he's awake !"- He then went over to a particular part of the door and gave three distinci taps wiib an iruu nail, whicb were relurnod in less ibau as wavy seconds trum inside with equal distinctness,

" In the name of Heaven, who's inside ?" cried the terrified Norah.

" "Tis only Jemmy ma'm !" suid Sullivan, “Sorru bit of harmi he'll do the old buy any huw;" then in a loud whisper he cried " Jeni! Jem!"

Another genile rap from within told that the natural mas rell up to his lesson.—"Jini your sowl!-How 'cule he is Mr. Ned!-- Jim, lilt ibe top latch! easy now-easy boys! shere! that's a good child! No matter, if I don't give you ihu nuey for the narvels !" By aegrees they heard bult after hole slide, and the door quetly open. ing shewed the poor hull-witted boy grinning with deligbl at bis

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“ Ould Duddy is as sasht ashleep as a shrout in a well! won't you give me a ball-penny Caplain ?"

“Now Norah! be quick !" said Meara to the poor girl who had almost allen between fear and

of guilt. Suddenly collecting her energies at the sound of his voice she rushed into the room, seized the slucking, brought it lobiin, and lained ou the spui.

“ Leave her to me!-Leave her to me!" cried Meara seizing ber in bis arms,

“ mind the child and the door and fuliuw me!" While Sullivan was fixing the door and directing the boy where to go for the nighi, Meara hurried onward with his burden in bis arms and reached a spot obere lay a boat moured to the shore. It was his intention to have left her in the boat and retired, but she Awakened just as he arrived at the spot.


"Oh, Ned jewel, what tiave 1 done! I have robbed my poor Fae ther of all he was on the liviug earth! Blessed Virgin, why did I ever live lo see this night wl all, at all! Ob forgive nie and biely me, for it's I thai am tu be pilied this niybe!"

“ Hush Norah ! sure we will give him back some of il after we're married !" jeplied Meara — " come make husle and get into the buut ;"— be continucu handing her iuw it.

Well, Ned, and are not you coming 100 ?" said she with a voice lemeu duls with doube and lear, as she saw ber cousin who bud arrived by this time shoring off the boat trum iis mourings.

“Ned, jewel; sure you are not going to leave me? Ned, Edmund, Mr. Meara !-Fur the love of God- lur ihe love of itse biessed Virgin, don't leave me in this way! Sure, did I sol de every thing you nsked me, for you! I will live aud die for you and don't leave me! Your own Nuralı; your uwu luiihtul Norub! Pui me ashore Mr. Sullivan – put asliure I say ugain;"screamed the girl. “Put me ashore I tell you, or l'il throw niyo self into the !"

"I will, sure enongh!” said Sullivan! “but not awhile, avick !" and so saying he pulled obe boat into deep water. Menra had hg this ijme retired oni of sighi, and Norah perceived that her Cousia was acting according to suine precoceried plan. More than ever uncertain of her seducer's intentionis, she trembled violenily as she suund bersell deseried by liim, and lell to the mercy of the man whom she hated and dreaded most. Tbe morning was just begin. ning lo disuibute its prey bybe shru the beaten; wid the birds bird and ibnsh were awakening the grove of Brechmount with their sung. Sullivan was silent and dark, sullenly and lazily pulling his vais, ever and anion ivuhing around bin as it he couid discover among the uprufied walers a spul suited to his purpose. Be Lind now reached the widdle of the river and was slowly strelching lo his oars, watched with an intentiess bordering on madvess by his lerrified companion. He stopped for a munient, and then the noles of is Kedi Bugle from the slivre bruke ibe stillness of the morning. Having waited for a moment the sound was repeated, when slipping his cars, he stripp'd off bis coat as it he expecled some resistance in his work.


“What are you going to do, Jack?" said Norah, scarcely daring 803 speak above ber breath, and yet with the gentleness ilimi would have softened any heart but thai of a wicked muus.

« You

“) may as well tell you at once!" said be, rousing himself. see, Mr. Ned is tired of you all out so he sent you bere i les me have my share of you before you go where you'll see neither ol' us any more; so the less you say about it, the better!"

“Oh mercy! mercy! for the love of Heaven!" screamed the gir. at the very prieb of his voice, which at the sane mugent was mi izled with the sonuds or a bucle from the shore. “Jack-der Jak - Won't you show me merey!-wonii 104 --sure you would'nt kill me, and Ihre alone wiib yuu! Shane, darling shew mercy ta yarır own poor consen! remeinbire my child Jack! For the love of the Virgin shex tey 10 my child at all events! Yon daren't --01 xhami I tell!" - She streamed sirogg!ıng with all ibe ella gies of desperation and terror. A violent contest took place, in which inre than once'ilse b vil Wita Bearly pact, and during which the cries of the wriched giii lor nderry irere heard confused with the sound of the buzle as bore. Bit it was Bill of long dura. tion; fi: li a:1:16 the struggle mizin bu prvtracted to a dangerous lensili, Sisilivan bv a single hoi briobe ber lele urm; and 4 second on her forehead streiched her ainst Sensiles in the builom of the bjat, a resistiess pr.y lo liis brutal lust.

While Vorila lay overishelmed with horror, shame and aların, the ritun, retiring from her die froin hils picked a rope on which was a running ilmise, and living tastened ove end of ii in a large stone which he had boring!ı with him for the prirpose, be drugged il www.ards Wor, and deliberately ran the knot over the girl's brod. she gave a sllll and slighi shindeber', as her learning energies 10: lier of her lato; then closing her eyes, she allowed herself in tesisid i:'v 10 be listed op and plunged heardlonis into her wauty grare, A sliche boiling of the as it sellel over her, and a les bubbles which ascruorted from the depihs beneath told that a leeble siri glo h:d ushered her soul into elernity. The wave rolled on au in inother minute all traces of Vural Sullivan bud Yusisbed from the earth!


Original Correspondence,


Siy, I send you herewith an extract from a small Pamphlet published in Lood... about till years since, on the valuable properties possessed bs tbal siendid palm tho Cocoa-nut tree-written by a member of the Linnaeen and Horticultural Societies, many years i resident in the Island of Ceylon, but au bule given. ii perpusis to be an interesting vaditional account of its criginal discuvery by a Prince of the interior of ibeir Island.

B. P. C.

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