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Grace Chapel, Falls of Schuylkill: Rev. Wm. the Society of Jesus at the Holy Family, EighV. Feltwell, Fairview av., Falls of Schuylkill. teenth and Stiles. 6 A.M.

Powelton avenue and Thirty-fourth street: Rev. Holy Family, Seventeenth and Stiles : Rev. B. A. M. Morrison, 4200 Pine.

Villiger, S. J., Rev. A. Coppins, S. J., Rev. Chas. Reconciliation, Eighth ab. Wharton : Rev. J. M. Ferrari, S. J., Rev. Charles Circateri, S. J., R. Furey.

Rev. Edward A. McGurk, S. J., Seventeenth and Shiloh, Fortieth and Ludlow.

Stiles. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 1014 A.M., 22, 314, and St. Paul's, cor. Orthodox and Mulberry: Rev. 72 P.M. Alex. Sloan, 63 West Sellers, Frankford.

Holy Trinity (German), N, W. cor. Sixth and Spruce: Rev. H. Schick; Rev. Mr. Jansen, as

sistant, 619 Spruce. 7,84, 10 A.M., 2'5 P.X. REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN (ORIGINAL).

Immaculate Conception, Front and Canal: Friendship Hall, cor. Twelfth and Filbert: Rev. M. Filan, pastor, and Rev. Joseph O'Keefe, Rev. David Steel, Sr., 1632 Fitzwater. 1014 A.M. assistant, 1020 N. Front. 6,872, and 10% A M..

314, P.M.

Maternity of B. V. M., Bustleton: Rev. Mat. REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN (GENERAL thew P. O'Brien. 7, 8, 10's A.M., 2 P.M. SYNOD).

Our Mother of Sorrows: Forty-eighth and LanFirst, Broad bel. Spruce: Rev. T. W.J. Wylie, caster av., Hestonville : Revs. Francis A. Sharkey D.D., 1822 Wylie. 10. A.M., 32, 45, P.M. and Wm. F. Cook. 7, 101, A.M., 3'4 P.M.

First, Horticultural Hall : Rev. Andrew G. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Third bel. Reed: Ret. Wylie, 1606 Mt. Vernon.

James, J. Fitzmaurice, Rev. A. D. Filan, 143 S. Second, Twenty-second bel. Callowhill: Rev. Third.694, 8, 1012 A.M., 7% P.M. Wm. Sterrett, D.D., 2131 Vine. 104 A.M., 34 St. Agatha, Thirty-sixth and Sycamore: Rev. P.M.; summer, 4P M.

John E. Fitzmaurice, Rev. J. J. Oris, 618 N. Second, cor Twentieth and Vine : Rev. James | Thirty-sixth. 614, 8 and 10%. A.M., 55'p. . J. Boice.

St. Alphonsus, S. W. cor. Fourth and Reed: Third, Oxford and Hancock : Rev. Matthew Rev. John B. Maus and Rev. Ernest D'Ham, Gailey, 1513 Franklin. 1012 A M., 3 P.M. 410 Reed. 7 A.M., daily, 9, 1045 A.M., 3 P.M.

Fourth, Eighteenth and Filbert : Rev. David St. Ann, Lehigh av. and Cedar: Rev. Thomas Steele, D.D., 2020 Race. 1044 A.M., 3 P.M. Kieran, pastor; Rev. Thomas F. Mullen, Rev.

Fifth, York W. of Coral: Rev. A. G. McAu- Francis J. Quinn and Rev. Francis P. Fitzley, D.D., 2623 Frankford av, 1012 A.M.,32 P.M. maurice, assistants, 801 E. Lehigh av. 52,7,8

Fifth, Front ab. York: Rev. W. H. Gailey, and 10' A.M., 3/4 P.M. 1513 Franklin.

St. Augustine, Fourth bel. Vine: Rev. Peter Sixth, Old Academy, Falls of Schuylkill: Rev. Crane, O. S. A., pastor ; Very Rev. P. A. StanW. H. Gailey, 1513 Franklin. 3/4 P.M.

ton, O. S. A., Rev. F. Sheeran, O. S. A., and Edward O'Reilly, assistants, 243 Crown. 6,8,9,


St. Bonifacius, Diamond and Norris Square : First, Seventeenth and Filbert: Rev. T. P. Rev. Fr. K. Schuüttgen, C. SS. R., Rev. George Stevenson, 1623 Brown. 10/2 A.M., 34 P.M. Hoffman, C. SS. R., Rev. S. Breihof, C. SS. R.,

Second, Seventeenth bel.' Race: Rev. S. O. Rev. B. Beck, C. SS. R., Rev. Quirin Hilger, Wylie, 636 N. Seventeenth.

C. SS. R., 144 Diamond. 52, 74, 9 and 10 A.N., Third, Deal E. of Frankford av.: Rev. Robert 3 and 7 P.M. J. Sharp, 2222 N. Front. 104. A.M., 3 P.M.

St. Bridget, Falls of Schuylkill: Rev. Richard O'Connor, 256 James. 8 and 10% A.M., 2


St. Charles Borromeo, Twentieth and Chris. Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Eighteenth tian: Rev. Nicholas Walsh, Rev. Thomas Bol. op. Logan Square : Most Rev. James F. Wood, ger and Rev. J. R. Dillon. D.D., Archbishop of Philadelphia; Rev. John J. St. Clement, Seventy-first and Woodland av. : Elcock, Rev. D.‘A. Brennan, and Rev. Kilian Rev. Thomas O'Neill, Seventy-first and WoodColl; Rev. John A. Ward, Rev. James P. Sinnott, land av. 10' A.M., 344 p.m. assistants, 225 N. Eighteenth. 6,7%,8%2,9, and St. Dominic, Holmesburg: Rev. Lawrence 10% A.M., 3% P.M.

Wall, Rev. D. A. Bower. 74 and 1012 A.N., All Saints', Bridesburg, cor. Brown and Bock- 3/2 P.M. ius, Brides burg: Rev. John J. Fechtel, 157 Bock- St. Edward the Confessor, cor. York and ius. 8 and 10 A.M., 3 and 7 P.M.

Eighth : Rev. P. F. Sullivan, 2417 Germantown Annunciation, Tenth and Dickinson: Rev. 7,8% and 10% A.M., 32 P.M. John McAnany, Rev. P. J. Daily, Rev. J. O'Con- St. Elizabeth, S. E. cor. Twenty-third and nell, 1503 S. Tenth. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10142 A.M. : Berks : Rev. Bernard Dornhege. 814 and 10 3. P.M., vespers.

A.M., 3% P.M. Assumption, Spring Garden bel. Twelfth : Very St. Francis Xavier, Twenty-fifth and Biddle : Rev C. J. H. Carter, V.G., Rev John Wagner, Rev. James Maginn, Rev. J. A. Logue, Rev. Rev. S. B. Spalding, 1121 Spring Garden, 6, 8, James Timmins, 402 N. Twenty-fifth. 614,815, and 10% A.M., 3'5 P.M. winter.

10') A.M., 312 P.M. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Oak, Man. St. James, Thirty-eighth and Chestnut: Rer. ayunk: Rev F. J. Martersteck, 176 Oak. Daily, F. P. O'Neill, pastor, and Rev. Edmund V. 712 A.m.; mass, 8, 10 A.M., 3 P.M.; Sunday-school, Rowan, Rev. Joseph H. O'Neill, 3722 Chestnut.

6'2, 8, 9% and 1072 A.M., 4 P.M. Chapel of Little Sisters of the Poor, Eighteenth morning, 64. ab. Jefferson. Chapel service by the Fathers of St. Joachim, cor. Church and Penn, Frankford:


2 P.M.

Mass every

Re: Alexis Jamison, S.: 1; Rew A Romano,

Rev. J. P. Byrne, Rev. James Nash, 27 Church.

UNITARIAN SOCIETY. 8, 9 and 101 A.M., 3'2 P.M.

First, Tenth and Locust : Rev. Joseph May, St. John the Baptist, Robinson, Manayunk : Rev. Francis O'Connor, pastor, Rev. John W.

1306 Pine. II A.M.

Unitarian Church of Germantown, Green and Shanahan, 146 Robinson. 7, 814 and 10 A.M., Chelten av. II A.M. 32 P.M.

St. John the Evangelist, Thirteenth ab. Chest. nut: Rev. P. R. O'Reilly, Rev. P. J. Egan and

UNITED PRESBYTERIAN. Rev. J. J. Donnelly. 6%, 8 and 10'a A.M., and

First, S. W. cor. Broad and Lombard : Rev. 4 P.M.

Francis Church, 739 S. Twenty-second, St. Joseph, Willing's alley bel Fourth: Rev.

Second, Race bel. Sixteenth : Rev. J. B. Dales, Joseph M. Ardia, S. J., Rev. P. A. Jordan, S. J.,

D.D., 1628 Filbert. 10'2 A.M., 4 P.M.

Third, Front ab. Jefferson : Rev. S. G. Fitz317 Willing's alley: gerald, 125 Susquehanna av.

1017 A.M., 312 P.M. 6, 6'9 and 7 A.M. ; 8, 872 and 10' A.M., 352,

Fourth, N. E. cor. Nineteenth and Fitzwater: P.M. Sundays. St. Malachi, Eleventh ab. Master : Rev. Ed.

Rev. W. C. Jackson, 1930 Christian.

Fifth, Buttonwood and Twentieth : vacant. ward F. Prendergast, Rev. M. A. Mullen and

Sixth, Race ab. Twenty-first: Rev. J.C. CampRev. J. J. Mooney, 1426 Warnock. 6, 7,9 and

bell, 2216 Hamilton, 10%. A.M., 3% P.M. 10'6 A.M., 32 P.M.

Seventh, cor. Orthodox and Leiper: Rev. James St. Mary, Fourth ab. Spruce : Rev. Michael F. Martin, pastor; Rev. John McDevitt, Rev.

B. Whitten, 4624 Frankford av. 10/2 A.M., 4 P.M. John J. Clark, 264 S. Fourth. Daily, 6, 6%,842 Barr, D.D.,705 S. Sixteenth., 1042 A.M., 3% P.M.

Eighth, Bainbridge bel. Twelfth : Rev. W.W. and 101% A.M., 4 P.M.

Tenth, Thirty.cighth and Hamilton. 10' A.M., St. Mary Magdalene di Pazzi, Marriott ab. Seventh : Rev. Antonio Isoleri, ap. miss., next to

774 P.M. : Rev. John Teas, church. 8 and 10 A.M., 34 P.M.

Norris Square, Susquchanna av. and Hancock : St. Mary Our Lady of Consolation, Chestnut

Kev. James Crowe, D.D., 2245 N. Second. 10

A.M., 3% PM
Hill: Rev. C. A. McEvoy, 0. S. A. 8 and 101

North, Master ab, Fifteenth : vacant.
A.M., 4 P.M.
St. Michael, Second ab. Master: Very Rev.

M. A. Walsh, V. G., pastor ; assistants, Rev.
Wm. Walsh, Rev. John J. Sweeny, Rev. Thos.

First Church, Fifth bel. Lehigh av.: Rev. Robert Shannon, 1425 N. Second. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10%2 A.M.,

A. Vancourt, 2640 Fairhill. 3% P.M. St. Patrick, Twentieth bel. Locust : Rev. J.

UNIVERSALIST. E. Mulholland, pastor : Rev. J. J. Ferry, Rev. All Souls', Sunnyside Hall, Seventeenth and T. Toner, Rev. L. McCabe, 242 S. Twentieth. Fairmount av. : under charge of Rev. E. G. 6, 7, 8, 9, 1042 A.M, 32 P.M.

Brooks, D.D., of the Messiah Church. 274 P.M. St. Paul, Christian ab. Ninth : Rev. P. F. First, Lombard ab. Fourth : vacant. Sheridan, pastor ; Rev. P. F. Blacker, Rev. M. Church of the Messiah, Locust bel. Broad : J. Lawlor and Rev. J. Lynch, assistants, 808 Rev. E. G. Brooks, D.D., 649 N. Sixteenth. Lebanon. 6,7'2, 9, 10'a A.M., 34 P.M.

10'. A.M., 744 P.M. St. Peter, Filth and Girard av. : Redemptorist Church of the Restoration, Master ab. SixFathers, Rev. George Sniet, Rev. James Claus, teenth : Rev. Benjamin F. Bowles, 1543 N. ThirRev. Geo. Beraneck, Rev. Wm. Wingerter, Rev. teenth. F. Van Emstede, Rev. Philip Colonel. 52,6%, Church of our Saviour, S. W. cor. Twelfth and 75%, 874 and 10 A.M., 2% and 7 P.M.

Dickinson: Rev. Wm. Taylor, M.D., 1223 S. St. Philip de Neri, Queen ab. Second : Rev. N. Eleventh. Cantwell, Rev. M. Cobbin, Rev. H. McGlinn and South Philadelphia Mission worships at ExRev. C. F. Patterson, 228 Queen. 6, 8, 9, 10'6 celsior Hall. A.M., 3/2 P.M. St. Stephen, Broad and Germantown av., Nice

BISHOPS. town: Rev. T. Quinn. Mass, 7, 8, 10 A.M. ; vespers, 3 P.M.

BISHOPS OF THE EVANGELICAL ASSO. St. Teresa, Broad and Catharine : Rev. Hugh

CIATION. Lane, 1337 Catharine. 6/2,8,9, and 101% A.M., 37 PM

J. J. Escher, Chicago, Illinois. St. Vincent de Paul, Pricę and Evans: Rev.

R. Yeakel, Cleveland, Ohio. James Knowd, Rev. T. B. Byrne, C. M., Rev.

R. Dubbs, Cleveland, Ohio. Pius Kreutz, Price and Evans. 6,8,9, 10% A.M.;

T. Bowman, Allentown, Pa. vespers, 4 P.M. St. Vincent, Tacony, cor. Ash and Bockius :

BISHOPS OF THE METHODIST EPISRev. John Fechtel. 104 A.M., 3 P.M.

COPAL CHURCH. Visitation B. V. M., Front and Lehigh av. : Levi Scott, Odessa, Del.; elected 1852. Rev. Thomas Barry, Rev. Joseph A. Strahan, Matthew Simpson, Phila., Pa.; elected 1852. cor. Somerset and Boudinot. 612,8/2, 10% A.M.; Edward R. Ames, Baltimore, Md.; elected 1852. vespers, 3% P.M.

Thomas Bowman, St. Louis, Mo.; clected 1872.

William L. Harris, Chicago, Ill. ; elected 1872. UNION EVANGELICAL MISSION.

Isaac W. Wiley, Cincinnati, Ohio; elected 1872.

Stephen M. Merrill, St. Paul, Minn.; elected 1872. Twenty-fourth and Master: Rev. D. F. Lock- Edward G. Andrews, Omaha, Neb.; elected 1872. erby, 2510 N. Second.

Gilbert Haven, Atlanta, Ga.; elected 1872.

Jesse T. Peck, San Francisco, Cal.; elected 1872. Randolph S. Foster, Boston, Mass.; elected 1872. John Wright Roberts, Monrovia, Liberia.


J. J. Glossbrenner, Baltimore, Md.
Jonathan Weaver, Dayton, Ohio.
John Dickson, Westerville, Ohio.
M. Wright, Dayton, Ohio.
N. Castle, Sacramento, Cal.

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Cexs. Alabama--Richard Hooker Wilmer.... 1862 Arkansas--Henry Niles Pierce (missionary) 1870 California-Wm. Ingraham Kip.....

1853 Northern- John H. D. Wing. field (missionary).

1674 Colorado-John Franklin Spalding... Connecticut-John Williams...

1851 Delaware-Alfred Lee.....

1241 Florida-John Freeman Young

18 Georgia - John Watrus Beckwith.

1666 lilinois-W. E. McLaren....

1875 Indiana-Joseph Cruickshank Talbot. 1560 Iowa-Wm, Stevens Perry...

1876 Kansas-Thomas Hubbard Vail.

1864 Kentucky-Benjamin Bosworth Smith.

1830 Thos. U. Dudley, Jr., assistant 1575 Louisiana-Joseph Pere Bell Wilmer......... 1866 Maine-Henry Adams Neely....

1867 Maryland-William Rollinson Whittingham 1ê40

Wm. Pinkney, assistant 187"

Easton: Henry Champlin Lay. 185g Massachusetts-Benjamin H. Paddock. 1873 Michigan-Samuel Allen McCoskry. 1836

Western-Geo. D. Gillespie.... 1875 Minnesota-Henry B. Whipple. Mississippi-William Mercer Green, 1850 Missouri-Charles Franklin Robertson 1865 Montana-Daniel S. Tuttle (missionary).... 1863 Nebraska and Dakota-Robert H. Clarkson 1867 Nevada--Ozi Wm. Whittaker...

1869 New Hampshire-Wm. Woodruff Niles..... 1870 New Jersey-John Scarborough.

1974 Northern-William H. Odenheimer 1850 New Mexico and Arizona-D. H. Knicker. bocker (missionary)

1877 New York-Horatio Potter..

1854 Central: Fred'k D. Huntingdon..... 1867 Western : Arthur Cleveland Coxe... 1805

Albany: Wm. Crosswell Doane...... 1560 « Long Island: Abram N. Littlejohn 186 Niobrara and Indian Territory-William H. Hare (missionary)..

1872 North Carolina-Thomas Atkinson. 1853

Theo. B. Lyman, assistant 1872 Ohio-Gregory Thurston Bedell...

1859 Southern--Thomas A. Jaggar.

1875 Oregon-Benj. Wistar Morris (missionary). 1868 Pennsylvania-William Bacon Stevens...... 1862

Pittsburg : John B. Kerfoot. 1866
Central : Mark Antuny de Wolfe

Rhode Island-Thomas March Clark. 1854
South Carolina-Wm. Bell White Howe..... 7871
Tennessec-Charles Todd Quintard... 1865
Texas-Alexander Gregg.....

Northern-Alexander Charles Gar-
rett (missionary).

Western-Robert W. B. Elliott

1874 Vermont-Wm. Henry Augustus Bissell..... 1868

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PAL CHURCH. North-west-Charles Edward Cheney, Mission

ary, Chicago, Ill. Pacífic-Edward Cridge, Victoria, British Co.

lumbia. South-James A. Latane, Charleston, S. C. Centre-Wm. R. Nicholson, Philadelphia, Pa. Missionary for the U. S. and Canada--Rev.

Samuel Fallows. Missionary for Great Britain and Ireland-Rev.

T. Hubbard Gregg, Dublin, Ireland.




Virginia-Francis McNeece Whittle. 1868 Albany, N. Y.- John J. Conroy.
Wisconsin--Edward Randolph Welles........ 1874

F. McNeirney, coadjutor.
Fond du Lac-John H. H. Brown 1875 Rochester, N. Y.-Bernard J. McQuaid.
Africa, Cape Palmas-Č. Clifton Penick Brooklyn, N. Y.-John Loughlin.

(missionary)....... 1876 Buffalo, N. Y.-Stephen Vincent Ryan, C.M. Hayti, West Indies- James Theodore Holly Newark, N. J.-M. A. Corrigan.

(missionary)............ 1874 | Ogdensburg, N. Y.-Edgar P. Wadhams. Shanghai,China-Samuel I. J. Sherenschewsky (missionary ).......... 1876

PROVINCE OF BOSTON. Yeddo, Japan-Channing Moore Williams

Boston, Mass.-Archbishop Williams. (missionary)... Horatio Southgate, late of Constantinople,

Hartford, Ct.-Thos. Galberry, (). S. A.

Portland, Me.-- James A. Healy. Turkey. Retired...


Springfield, Mass.-P. J. O'Reilley: HIERARCHY OF THE ROMAN CATHO.

Providence, R. I.-Thos. F. Hendrickson. LIC CHURCH IN THE UNITED

Burlington, Vt.-Louis de Goesbriand.


Oregon City-Archbishop Blanchet. 1 John McCloskey, Cardinal Archbishop, New Nesqualy-M. A. Blanchet.

York. 2 James Gibbons, Baltimore.

PROVINCE OF ST. LOUIS. 3 John J. Williams, Boston. 4 John Baptist Purcell, Cincinnati.

St. Louis, Mo.-Archbishop Kenrick. 5 John Martin Henni, Milwaukee.

P. J. Ryan, coadjutor. 6 Napoleon I. Perche, New Orleans.

St. Joseph, Mo.-- John Hogan. 7 Francis Norbert Blanchet, Oregon,

Alton, Ill.-P. J. Baltes. 8 James Frederick Wood, Philadelphia.

Peoria, III. - Jno. Lancaster Spalding. 9 Peter Richard Kenrick, St. Louis.

Chicago, III. -Thos. J. Foley. 10 Joseph S. Alemany, 0. S. D., San Francisco.

Dubuque, lowa-John Henessy.

Nashville, Tenn.-P. A. Feehan, 11 John Lamy, Santa Fé.

Kansas and the Indian Territory east of the

Rocky Mountains-Louis Fink, Leavenworth Bishops.

City, Kansas. Prefcct apostolic, Isadore PROVINCE OF BALTIMORE.

Robot, 0. S. B. Baltimore, Md.-Archbishop J. Gibbons.

Vicariate Apostolic: Nebraska-Jas. O'Connor, Wilmington, Del.-Thomas A. Becker. Richmond, Va.-Vacant.

PROVINCE OF SANTA FÉ. Savannah, Ga.-William H. Gross.

Santa Fe, New Mexico-Archbishop John Lamy. Wheeling. West Va.-J. J. Kain.

V. A., Arizona--J. B. Salpointe.
Wilmington, N C.-Vacant.

V. A., Colorado-J. P. Machebæuf.
Charleston, S. C.-P. N. Lynch.
St. Augustine, Fla.-John Moore.


Milwaukee, Wis.--Archbishop Henni.
Philadelphia, Pa.–Archbishop Wood.

La Crosse, Wis.- Michael Heiss. Pittsburg, Pa.-J. Tuigg.

Green Bay, Mich.-F. H. Krautbauer. Erie, Pa.-Tobias Mullen.

St. Paul, Minn.-Thomas L. Grace, O. S. D. Harrisburg, Pa.-Jeremiah F. Shanahan.

John Ireland, coadjutor. Scranton, Pa.-Wm. O'Hara.

Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Minnesota

Rupert Seidenbush, O. S. B.

Cincinnati, 0.-Archbishop Purcell.
Columbus, 0.-Sylvester H. Rosecrans.

San Francisco, Cal.- Archbishop Joseph S. AleCleveland, 0.-Richard Gilmour.

many, D.D., 0. P. Covington, Ky.-A. M. Toebbe.

Monterey, Cal.-Thaddeus Amat, C.M. Detroit, Mich.-C. H. Borgess.

F. Mora, coadjutor. Fort Wayne, Ind. - Joseph Dwenger.

Grass Valley, Cal.—Eugene O'Connell. Louisville, Ky:-William McCloskey.

Vinges, coadjutor. Vincennes, Ind.-Michael Domenec. PROVINCE OP NEW ORLEANS.

Far and wide the Public LEDGER ALMANAC New Orleans, La.--Archbishop Perche.

is distributed free of cost by the generous and Galveston, Texas.-M. Dubuis.

enterprising publisher, George W. Childs, Esq: Little Rock, Ark.-Edward Fitzgerald.

The edition for 1877, just out, is one hundred Mobile, Ala.---John Quinlan,

and ten thousand. Every subscriber to the Led. Natchez, Miss.-William Henry Elder.

ger receives a copy, and a proportion is sent to Natchitoches, La.-F. F. Leray.

distant points. Beautifully printed on good San Antonio--A. D. Pellicer.

paper, with strong covers, it is an invaluable V. A. of Brownsville-A. Manucy.

vade mecnm. The contents are various and

complete. No wonder the Ledger holds the PROVINCE OF NEW YORK.

advance, guided by the warm heart and clear New York, N. Y.-Cardinal Archbishop McClos- head of its liberal owner.- Col. Forney's Press, key.


President.--RUTHERFORD B. HAYES, of Ohio.
Vice-President.-WILLIAM A. WHEELER, of New York.
Private Secretary to the President.-W. K. RODGERS.

Secretary of State.-WILLIAM M. EVARTS, of New York.
Secretary of the Treasury.-- JOHN SHERMAN, of Ohio.
Secretary of War.-GEORGE W. McCrary, of Iowa.
Secretary of the Navy.-RICHARD W. THOMPSON, of Indiana.
Secretary of the Interior: Carl SCHURZ, of Missouri.
Postmaster-General.-David M. KEY, of Tennessee.
Attorney-General.-CHARLES Devens, of Massachusetts.

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ASSISTANT SECRETARIES AND CHIEFS OF BUREAUS. State DeparTMENT. — Assistant Secretary,! Chief of Engineers, Brig.-Gen. Andrew A. HunFrederick W. Seward ; Second Assistant Secre- phreys: Chief of Ordnance, Prig.-Gen. Stephea tary, William Hunter; Third Assistant Secre. V. Benet; Judge Advocate-General, Wm. Mctary, -: Crief Clerk, Sevellon A. Brown. Kee Dunn; Chief Signal Officer, Colonel Al. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. - Assistant Secreta.

bert J. Myer; First Assistani, Lieut. H. H. C. ries, John B. Hawley, Henry E. French : Soli Dunwoody. citor of the Treasury, Kenneth Raynor; Chief Navy DEPARTMENT.–Chief Clerk, John W. Clerk, J. K. Upton; Appointment Clerk, J. H. Hogg; Admiral of the Navy, D. D. Porter C. Smith; First Comptroller, Robe. W. Tayler; Vice-Admiral, Stephen C. Rowan; Chief of Deputy, Jonathan Tarbell; Second Comptroller, Yards and Docks, Commodore John C. Hor. W. W. Upton; Deputy, J. S. Delano ; Register, ell; Chief of Navigation, Commodore Daniel John Allison; Assistant, W. P. Titcomb; First | Ammen; Chirf of Ordnance, Captain Wa. Auditor, David W. Mahon; Deputy, Henry K. N. Jeffers ; Chief of Provisions and Cletkins, Leaver; Second Auditor, Ezra B. French; Dep. Paymaster-General J. H. Watmough; Chief uty, Chas. F. Herring: Third Auditor, Horace of Medicine and Surgery. Surgeon-Gen. Wil. Austin; Deputy, Allen M. Gangewer; Fourth liam Grier; Chief of Equipment and RecruitAuditor, Stephen J. W. Tabor; Deputy, William ing, Commodore R. W. Shufeldt ; Chief of Com B. Moore; fifth Auditor, J. H. Ela; Deputy, struction, John W. Easby; Chief of Stear ExJonathan B. Mann; Sirth Auditor, Jacob M. gineering, Engineer-in-Chief Wm. H. Schock. McGrew; Deputy, Fred’k B. Lilley; Commis. sioner of Internal Revenue, Green B. Raum ;

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT.-Assist. Sec., Alonzo Deputy, Henry C. Rogers; Commissioner of

Bell; Chief Clerk, George M. Lockwood; Cere Customs, H. C. Johnson; Deputy, Henry A.

missioner of Land Office, James A. Williamson; Lockwood; Compiroller of the Currency, John

Commissioner of Pensions, J. A. Bentley; CoJay Knox; Deputy, J. S. Langworthy; Direc- missioner of Indian Affairs, Ezra A Haye

Commissioner of Patents, Ellis Spear; Chief tor of the Mints of the U. S., Henry R. Linderman; Chief of Bureau of Statistics, Edward of Bureau of Education, John Eaton, Jr. Young: Chief of Bureau of Engraving and

Post-OFFICE DEPARTMENT. First Assistaxi Printing, Edward McPherson; Chairman of Postmaster, James N. Tyner; Second Assistthe Lighthouse Board, Professor Joseph Henry, ant. Thos. J. Brady: Third Assistant, A D. also Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; Hazen ; Chief Clerk, W. A. Knapp : SuperitSupervising Architect, J. G. Hill; Treasurer tendent of Foreign Mails, Joseph H. Blackfan : of the United States, James Gilfillan; Assistant Superintendent Money-Order System, Chas. F. Treasurer, Albert U. Wyman.

Macdonald. WAR DEPARTMENT. Chief Clerk, H. T. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.—Solicitor-General, Crosby: General of the Army, W. T. Sherman; 1 Samuel F. Philips ; Assistant Attorney-Generals, Adjutant General, E D. Townsend; Inspector Edwin B. Smith, Thomas Simons ; Chief Clerk General, Randolph B. Marcy; Quartermaster. A. R. Dutton. General, M. C. Meigs; Commissary-General, DepARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. - CommisRobert Macfcely: Surgeon-General, Joseph ksioner of Agriculture, Wm. G. le Duc; Chief Barnes; l'aymaster-General, Benjamin Alvord ; | Clerk, E. A. Carman.


Chief Justice.--Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio. Age 61; appointed 1874.

Associate Justices.

NATHAN CLIFFORD, of Maine........ 1857 WILLIAM STRONG, of Pennsylvania. 69
Noah H. SWAYNE, of Ohio...........


1862 Joseph P. BRADLEY, of New Jersey. 64 SAMUEL F. Miller, of lowa

61 1862 WARD HUNT, of New York..... 67 STEPHEN J. Field, of California..... 61 1863 | John M. HARLAN, of Kentucky.... 43

Reporter:-WILLIAM Top Orro, of Pennsylvania, appointed 1875.
Clerk.-D. W. MIDDLETON, of Washington, D. C., appointed 1863.
Marshal.- John G. NICOLAY, of Illinois, appointed 1872.


APP 1870 1870 1872 1877

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