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Entered according Act of Congress, in the year 1906, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.


This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Import-
ant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases

commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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Arnold v. National Bank of Waupaca (Wis.). 1 Field v. United States (U. S. D. C.), W. D.

Liability of Principal for Mistake of Agent, Ark.). Concealment of Property by Officers
ann. case, 323.

of Bankrupt Corporation not Punishable, Ed

Bachman v. Harrington (N. Y.). Limitation on


Right of Equity to Grant Interlocutory Re-

French v. White (Vt.). Corporations—Validity

lief by Injunction, Ed. 453.

of Pledge of Stock Without Written Trans-

fer, ann. case, 70.

Becker v. Pennsylvania R. C. (N. Y.), Liability George v. United States (Ind. Ter.).

of Common Carrier in Unloading Cars after

The Ad-

ministration of the Law in the Indian Ter-

Notice, ann. case, 205.

ritory, Ed. 413.

Blood v. Morriss (U. S. D. C., E. D. Mo.). Depo-

Gipson v. Southern Ry. Co. (U. S. D. C., N. D.

sitions De Bene Esse--Plaintiff Compelled to Ala.) Contributory Negligence Where Wan-

Testify Wherever he is Found, Irrespective

of the Distance from his Place of Residence,

ton and Reckless Killing is Charged. R. D.


R. D. 359.

Brandon v. Jensen (Neb.),

Grace v. Grace (Minn.).

Executors and Ad-


Husband or Wife Can Leave the Other and

ministrators Limitations on Actions by

Heirs to Avoid Illegal Sales, R. D. 84.

Compel Partition of Homestead, R. D. 83.

Haddock v. Haddock (T S. S. C.). Derrea for
Brunke v. Missouri & K. Tel. Co. (Mo.). Plead-

Divorce on Substituted Service not Protect-
ing Custom in an Action for Negligence of

ed by Full Faith and Credit Clause of Con-
Workmen Constructing Telephone Line-a

stitution, Ed. 333.
criticism, E. 253.

Hale v. Henkle (U. S. S. C.) Witnesses-Im.
Bryan v. Sturgis National Bank (Tex.). Bank-

munity of Corporation from Testifying on

ruptcy-Dividends on Stock as Property of Grounds of Self-Incrimination, ann. case,

Bankrupt, 198.


Bunn v. Braswell (N. Car.). Judgment-By Halter v. State (Neb.). Constitutional Law-
Consent, ann. case, 89.

Prohibition of Use of United States Flag
Burgess v. Mercantile Town Mutual Insuranco for Advertising Purposes. R. D. 318.

Co. (Mo.). Fire Insurance-Implied Waiver Hamrick v. Western Union Telegraph Co. (N.
of Proofs of Loss, R. D. 42.

Car.). Delayed Telegraph Messages. Ed. 397.
Busch v. Interborough Rapid Transit Co. (N. Y.). Harison's Administrator v. Northwestern Mutual
When an Act in Its Nature, a Tort May be

Life Insurance Co. (Vt.). Action-Right of
Sued Upon as a Breach of Contract, R. D.

Defendant to Plead Equitable Ownership of

Thing in Litigation to be in Another, R. D.
Castor V. Bernstein (Cal.). Evidence-Genu-
ineness of Handwriting a Question Solely

Hart v. City of Neillsville (Wis.). Municipal
for the Jury, ann. case, 444.

Corporations-Defect in Sewage System-

Failure to Repair, ann. case. 29.
Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Co. v. Ham-

ler (I11.). The Chaotic Condition of the Hawkins v. Nicholas County (Ky.). Applica-
Opinions of the Courts Relative to the Ques-

tion of Maxim de minimis non curat lex to

tions as to the Degrees of Negligence, Ed. Suits in Behalf of Public by Citizens whose


Interest is Very Small, Ed. 101.

Christensen, In re (Utah). Constitutionality of Herold v. Craig (W. Va.). Equity-Can a Party

Juvenile Courts, ann. case, 219.

Signing Draft for Consent Decree Arbitrar-

Acts Providing for the Establishment of

ily Withdraw Consent before Entry of De-

City of Covington v. Lee (Ky.). Municipal Cor-

cree, R. D. 478.

porations--Liability for Injury for Negli- Hiles v. Garrison (N. J.). Words "Put in Trust"

gence Causing Injury to one Intoxicated.

Held Sufficient to Create a Trust. R. D. 257.

R. D. 82.

Hunter V. Mutual Reserve Life Ins. Co.


Jeantet (N. Y.). Master


(N. Y.). Corporations—Revocation by For-

Seryant-Discharge of Servant for Disobe-

eign Insurance Company of Power of Attor-
dience, R. D. 62.

ney to Insurance Commissioner--Effect as
Daniels v. Homer (N. Car.). Constitutional Law to non-Residents, ann. case, 363.
-Seizure and Sale of Illegal Fish Nets

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Chesapeake
Due Process of Law, ann. case, 127.

& Ohio Railway Co. (U. S. S. C.). Federal

Deaton v. Lawson (Wash.). Physicians and Sur- Regulation of Interstate Commerce-Pret-

geons-Illegal Contract for Medical Serv. erence and Discrimination, ann. case, 299.

ic,es, R. D. 164.

Jones v. Commonwealth (Ky.). Limitations upon
Equitable Life Assurance Society v. Common-

the Rule that Criminal Intent may be Pre-
wealth (Ky.) Life Insurance Llability of

sumed from the Act Itselt, Ed. 1.
Company for Act of Agent in Rebating

Kansas Union Life Insurance Co. V. Burnam

Premiums on LifeInsurance Policy, R. D.

(U. S. C. C. of App., Eighth Circuit, R. D.



Farmer v. Kearney (La.). Liability of Mastor

Keisler'g Estate, In re (Pa.). WIII Kindness

for Injury to Servant Where Latter Be-


longs to Labor Union which controls the

Affection Coupled with Importunity

Selection of Servants, Ed. 373.

Constitute such Undue Influenco as Will bo

Sufficient to Set Aside a will, sd. 21.

Feast v. Auer (Ky.). Slander-Extending by

Innuendo the Meaning of Words Beyond

Kelly vs. Keys (Pa.). Oil and Gas-Oil DIR.

covered and Severed 18 a Chattel, R. D.

their Natural Import, R. D. 180.


Fernandez v. Perez (U. S. S. C.). United States
Courts in Porto Rico Must Administer civil

Laidley v. Reynolds (W. Va.). Fraudulent Con-
and not the Common Law, Wherever the

voyances-Action to Set Aside Conveyances
Former Provides & Remedy. Ed. 857.

of Husband to wife for Fraud, ann,,


Larkin v. Saltair Beach Co. (Utah). Bill of

Exceptions-Power of Judge to Sign After
Expiration of Term of Office, R. D. 398; ann.

case, 404.


Leahy v. Haworth (U. S. C. C. of App., Eighth

Circuit). Executors and Administrators-
Right to Sue in Equity in Foreign Jurisdic-
tion Without Qualifying Until After Suit

is Filed, R. D. 414.
Leitzel v. Harrisburg Traction Co. (Pa.). Street

Railroads-Injury to Child Playing
Street and Suddenly Stepping on Track, R.

D. 23.
Levy v. Louisville Gunning System (Ky.). Li-

cense-The Right Granted for Consideration
to Paint Sign on Building in Natur eof Ease-

ment, R. D. 104.
McCleery v. Highland Boy Gold Min. Co. (U. S.

C. C., D. Utah). Injunction--Protection of
Property from Injury as Affected by the
Relative Value of Interests Involved, ann.

case, 385.
Mauldin v. Seaboard Air Line Ry. (S. Car.).

Carriers-Failure to Deliver Cars, R. D. 216.
Miller v. Edison Electric Illuminating Company

(N. Y.). Nuisance--Recovery of Damages
for Diminution in Rental Value, ann. case,

Modern Woodmen of America v. Gerdon (Kan.).

Death-What Evidence is Sufficient to Give
Rise to Presumption of Death from Un-

explained Absence, R. D. 255.
O'Neill, In re (Wash.). Constitutional Law

Prohibition of the Railroad Ticket Brokerage

Business, R. D. 294.
Palmer Transfer Co. Paducah Railway &

Light Co. (Ky.). Street Railroads-Instruc-
tions as to Right of Way of Street Rail-

road on Its Own Track, R. D. 122.
Pendly v. Illinois Cent. R. R. Co. (Ky.) Plead.

ing and Practice--Pleading Degree of Neg-

ligence, R. D. 455.
People v. Nelson McLain (111.). Progress of the

Juvenile Courts, Ed. 215.
Perrine v. Pennsylvania R. R. Co. (Pa.) Waters

-Damage from Back Water Caused by In-
sufficiency of_Culvert Built by Railway

Company, R. D. 237.
Pittsburg Life & Trust Co. v. Northern Central

Life Insurance Co. (U. S. C. C., W. D. Pa.).
Fraud and Deceit-Speculative Considerations

in Measuring Damages, R. D. 359.
Rawlings v. State (U. S. S. C.). Constitutiona:

Law-Excluding Certain Classes from Jury
Service Does not Deny Due Process of Law
to a Defendant in a Criminal Proceeding,

R. D. 456.
St. Louis Gunning Advertising Co. v. Wana-

maker & Brown (Mo.). Principal and Agent
-Implied Powers of Special Agents, R. D

St. Louis, I. M. & S. Ry. Co. v. Dawsan (Ark.)

Railroad Company not Bound to Use Safest
Appliances Absolutely, ann. case, 425.

San Filippo V. American Bill Posting Co. (N. Y.).

Negligence--Liability of Lessee of Sign-

board for Defective Condition, R. D. 455.
Soper V. Igo, Walker & Co. (Ky.). Par-

ent and Child-Right of Mother to Bring
Action for Enticing Child from Home

While Husband is Living, R. D. 62.
Speer v. Colbert (U. S. S. C.). Wills-Bequest

to Corporation, ann. case. 167.
State v. Barr (Vt.). Criminal Trial-Compell.

ing the Prosecution to Elect on Which
Count in an Indictment the Intention is to

Rely, R. D. 24.
State v. Bates (Minn.). Statutes_Construction

-Inconsistent Provisions, ann. case. 49.
State v. Blydenburgh (Iowa). Criminal Law

Proper Instructions as to Conviction on Cir-

cumstantial Evidence, ann. case, 109.
State v. Circuit Court of Beadle County (S.

Dak.). Compelling a Trial Court by Man-
damus to Authenticate Copies of Indict-
ments, the Originals of Which Have Been

Lost of Stolen from the Files, Ed. 81.
State v. Dodenhoff (Miss.). False Pretenses-

Whether Indictment Should Show Reliance

on False Pretenses, R. D. 456.
State V. Gardner (Minn.). Self-Defense-Duty

to Retreat, ann. case, 149.
State v. Gillis (S. Car.). Criminal Law-Former

Jeopardy, ann. case, 484.
State v. Griffith (Ohio). Officers--Liabilities on

Official Bonds, ann. case, 466.
State v. Village of Kent (Minn.). Quo Warranto

-Discretion of Court to withdraw Leave
of Attorney-General to Sue After Leave has

Once Been Granted, R. D. 144.
State Bank of Chicago v. Cox (U. S. C. C. of

App., Seventh Circuit). Bankruptcy-Trus-
tee's Title to Bankrupt's Property as Against

Attaching Creditors, ann. case, 262.
Tinn, In re (Cal.) Judgment-Proceedings to

Set Aside Judgment of Naturalization Must
be by Former Complaint and Not on Motion
Even though Based on the Written consent

of One Naturalized, R. D. 416.
Todd v. Every Evening Printing Company (Del.)

Libel- Publication of Impartial Reports of
Preliminary Judicial Proceedings not Priv-

ileged, R. D. 335.
Ward v. Marvin (Vt.). Sales—Waiver of Right

to Rescind, R. D. 63.
Wilcox v. Bergman (Minn.). Evidence-Intro-

ducing Certified Copies of Record of Other
States. Without Showing their Force and
Effect Under the Laws of Such States, R.

D. 102.
Wright v. Hart (N. Y.). Constitutional Law-

Sales in Bulk, ann. case, 4.
Zeigler v. Dailey (Ind.). Mines Construction

of Lease as to Failure to construct Well.
ann. case, 284.

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