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Letters to My Grandson


The Hon. Stephen Coleridge

“The chief glory of every people arises from its authors"

Dr. Johnson

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
Tbe knickerbocker Press


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If you have read, gentle reader, the earlier series of Letters to my Grandson on the World about Him, you are to understand that in the interval between those letters and these, Antony has grown to be a boy in the sixth form of his public school.

It has not been any longer necessary therefore to study an extreme simplicity of diction in these letters.

My desire has been to lead him into the most glorious company in the world, in the hope that, having early made friends with the noblest of human aristocracy, he will never afterwards admit to his affection and intimacy anything mean or vulgar.

Many young people who, like Antony, are not at all averse from the study of English writers, stand aghast at the vastness of the field before them, and their hearts quail before what seems so gigantic an enterprise.

In these letters I have acted as pilot for a first voyage through what is to a boy an uncharted sea, after which I hope and believe he will have learned happily to steer for himself among the islands of the blest.

S. C.



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