A Topical Question Book, on Subjects Connected with the Plan of Salvation, Arranged in Consecutive Order: With Hints for the Assistance of Teachers

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American Baptist publication society, 1841 - Christian education - 122 pages

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Page 101 - In the door of his little cell was a small, very small hole cut. At that hole, a soldier was placed day and night to watch him. All he could see was the soldier's eye; but that eye was always there ! Day and night, every moment when he looked up, he always saw that eye ! Oh ! he says it was dreadful ! There was no escape, no hiding ; when he lay down, and when he rose up, that eye was watching him...
Page 51 - ... XXIV. AGENCY OF THE SPIRIT IN REGENERATION. 2. Where may we learn who effects that great change ? 1. What was the subject of the last lesson? ' 3. Who does Paul say produces it, in Tit. 3: 5? 5. Repeat John 1: 13. 6. To whom is the change ascribed there ? 7. To whom is it attributed in Col. 2: 13? 8. As this change is sometimes ascribed to God and sometimes to the Holy Spirit, what does that teach respecting the divinity of the Spirit? 9. What does God promise in Ezek. 36: 26? 10. What does he...
Page 86 - Being told that it was given him, he might as well keep it, he answered, pointing to his breast, ' I got a good man and a bad man here; and the good man say, it...
Page 13 - I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable, in the day of judgment, for Tyre and Sidon,
Page 61 - In whom did the apostles tell the jailer to believe? v. 31. 13. Can a person believe in Christ, and at the same time not believe in God ? 14. What is taught on this subject John 12: 44, and 13: 20 ? 15. What is said about not believing God in 1 John 5: 10? 17. How do men show whether they believe God or not ? 16. What is meant by " making God a liar ? " 18. How did Abraham prove that he believed God ? Heb. 11: 17—19. 19. God commanded Abraham to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. That was a...
Page 106 - For after the day of Pentecost, on which the HOLY GHOST came upon them, the next news that we hear of any of them is, that " Peter and John went up together into the Temple at the hour of Prayer, being the ninth hour," or the hour of Evening Prayer ; which they would not have done, if they had not believed it to be agreeable to the doctrine which He had taught them. * * * * The more pleasing any duty is to GOD, the more profitable it is to those who do it. And therefore He having so often, both by...
Page 17 - John 3: 36. 12. Do all men perform these duties ? 15. If not, then suppose that you had died this morning, where would your soul have been now? 14. Have you performed them ? 16. What is said of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost? Matt. 12: 31, 32. Mark 3: 29. 18. Is it asserted of any classes of men, that they shall not inherit the kingdom of God ? 1 Cor.

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