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(繁體)盤古大神: 山海封神榜 第二部 / Traditional Chinese Edition

蘆葦草 - Literary Collections - 2015 - 109 pages
歡迎下載此書,創作者希望能以最經濟實惠的方式提供讀者閱讀上的娛樂,若是喜歡這部作品的題材與創意,也希望讀者能夠支持正版,拒絕盜版,給予創作者生存下去的空間和持續 ...
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Ancient Blood of the Vampire and Werewolf: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance

W.J. May, Chrissy Peebles, Kristen L. Middleton, Kate Thomas, Trina M. Lee, Dale Mayer - Fiction - 2015
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清风戒少 - Fiction - 2015 - 146 pages
本书是互联网最热门玄幻修仙小说系列之一。当众神如天上流星坠落,速度与激情并存,万物生长。为报家族之仇,一位少年退去青涩的皮囊,组成一支人族超能陆战队,大战狼族。 ...
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Materia Oscura

Enzo Cristofori - Fiction - 2015
Materia Oscura č lo Spin Off del romanzo Soul Exile di Enzo Cristofori.
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飞哥带路 - Fiction - 2015 - 542 pages
本书是互联网最热门玄幻修真小说系列之一。当世界末日到来,地球面临灭顶之灾,大学生萧凌宇做好必死的准备,意外穿越到修真界,于古神洞府中得到无上神典《九转混沌诀》, ...
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The Centaur: A Short Story - Sharp Mere 1

Edward Hendrik - Fiction - 2015
But will that be enough? This is a short story of approximately 11,000 words, complete in itself.
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The Portal & the Panther: A YA Fantasy Series, Guardians of the Portal, Book 1

R. A. Marshall - Fiction - 2015 - 346 pages
** Get Book 2 Free when you sign up for the author newsletter here: ** The only thing seventeen year-old Jon Parker wants is to escape his sleepy Arkansas hometown.
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Donna Fernstrom - Fiction - 2015 - 8 pages
This short story introduces a couple of members of a Gate Exploration Team. These teams are vampire Circles that travel to alternative realities to explore and evaluate them for colonization.
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The money-box

William Wymark Jacobs - Fiction - 2015
This interactive digital edition includes: Interactive Notes and Chapters, News about the Author, News about the Book, a very interesting Tag cloud of the Book and a link to connect to the Goodreads community to ask questions and share ...
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The Encounter

Idaean Halley - Fiction - 2015 - 85 pages
When Luna goes to spend the summer with her aunt Emma, she discovers that her aunt is a witch with real powers, a descendant of a long line of witches that goes back for centuries.
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Unintended Guardian: A Mythos Legacy Short Story

Jami Gold - Fiction - 2015 - 48 pages
Unintended Guardian is the short story introduction to the Mythos Legacy series, where real myths find real love. An excerpt of Treasured Claim, the first full-length novel in the series, is included at the back of this book!
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Le secret des ętres-jeux - Extrait offert

Marco Hukenzie - Fiction
" Disponible sur Google Play, le roman complet au prix de 2,99 euros : "Le secret des ętres-jeux I, II, III". Le secret des ętres-jeux - le blog :
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Blur (A Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Vampire Romance): Night Roamers (Book One)

Kristen Middleton - Fiction - 2015 - 185 pages
Warning- This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages seventeen and older.
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Valkyrie's Vengeance

Melissa Snark - Fiction - 2015 - 122 pages
Norse & Viking Fantasy, Folklore Fiction. LOKI'S WOLVES ORDER: #0. Valkyrie's Vengeance #1. Hunger Moon #2. Battle Cry This book contains adult situations and explicit adult language.
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El Décimo Círculo: Novela fantástica y de horror

José Antonio Domínguez Garrido - Fiction - 2015 - 224 pages
Sinopsis El Décimo Círculo Darrell Kirtley va a cumplir treinta ańos, vive en un suburbio de Nueva Jersey, trabaja precariamente como vendedor de consumibles informáticos y, producto de una mala decisión, es odiado por la opinión ...
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Seduction's Kiss (The Allure Chronicles)

Alyssa Rose Ivy - Fiction - 2015 - 130 pages
Never agree to a road trip to New Orleans with your roommate.
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XXL-Leseprobe: Der verbotene See: Trilogie der Streitenden Reiche - Erster Roman

Catherine O'Donell - Fiction - 2015 - 138 pages
Das magische Abenteuer beginnt: „Der verbotene See“, erster Roman der TRILOGIE DER STREITENDEN REICHE von Catherine O‘Donell, als eBook bei dotbooks.
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PASCO - Episode 1 (FREE!): A British Paranormal Serial

RK Moore - Fiction - 2014 - 17 pages
Something tells Stevie this isn't a typical 9-5 job. This is Episode 1 in the PASCO series, a Paranormal serial set in the world of a secret British organisation that deals with wayward vampires, werewolves and more.
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The Hex Breaker's Eyes

S.D. Tennant - Fiction - 2014 - 155 pages
Small-town fifteen-year-old Mindee Vefreet thinks she’s going crazy when she sees a girl from school glowing in the dark.
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The Hunter's Moon

Shawntelle Madison - Fiction - 2014
This is the first story in the Windham Werewolves series. This is not a standalone story.
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Theriac: A Short Story

Becca Mills - Fiction - 2014 - 30 pages
In the small town of Dorf, Wisconsin, a shy, damaged seer named Callie McCallister struggles with a frightening mission -- a mysterious half-demon child must eat a "Sweet-'n-Salty Rudolph" Christmas cookie in her presence, or all will not ...
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Elle Strauss, Lee Strauss - Juvenile Fiction - 2014 - 285 pages
A teenage time traveler accidentally takes her secret crush back in time.
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Witch's Brew, Spellspinners Series #1

Heidi R. Kling - Fiction - 2014
Once soulmates, the witch and warlock covens of the California coast have been estranged for a century.
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Beyond the Shadows

Fiction - 2014 - 60 pages
Jeremiah was once the most feared name in the world for anyone who had heard of him. He was the ruthless general of the demonic hordes on Earth. Now, he works for the other side.
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I Guardiani degli Inferi - Oblio

Daniela Ruggero - Fiction - 2014
Racconto extra del libro "i Guardiani degli Inferi - La sposa Oscura" La vita di Adrian sta lentamente andando in pezzi.
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Fantasy Collection 1

AA.VV - Fiction - 2014
Cosa sono i BookExpress?
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La Colina del Ciprés

Dani Saura - Fiction - 2014 - 420 pages
Cuando Beatriz pierde su plaza en el cuerpo de policía, Miguel, un perfecto desconocido, le ofrece un trabajo en una misteriosa organización que se dedica a la investigación de nuevas tecnologías.
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Solheim 01 | EUROPA - XXL Leseprobe: Der Beginn einer Dystopie

Jón Faras - Fiction - 2014 - 124 pages
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XXL-Leseprobe: Die Verborgene: Roman

Sarah Kleck - Fiction - 2014 - 114 pages
Kann Liebe den Tod bedeuten? Entdecken Sie „Die Verborgene“ von Sarah Kleck jetzt als eBook. Nach dem plötzlichen Tod ihrer geliebten Schwester ist Evelyn am Boden zerstört. Auch ihre Eltern hat sie vor vielen Jahren verloren.
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Rumors of War: The Deck Const Part One

Duane Gundrum - Fiction - 2014 - 60 pages
Book One, Rumors of War, covers the mop-up of Old Francisco and the start of Burke's mission to seek out the Deck Const.
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